Mon, Feb. 24

Letter: Let the anti-wall folks provide refuge for immigrants


Much debate rages over illegal immigration, border security, and “Trump’s Wall.” The issue has become highly politicized and, yes, on both sides.

Fingers do not point in only one direction. Blame can be cast across the aisles and for decades, regardless of which party has occupied the White House or/and controlled Congress or, for that matter, even the judiciary as well.

Perhaps, though, it would be helpful if we changed our policy for how we treat “undocumented aliens” who breach our borders, given them not a free “open-access” pass but actually depositing them not in the woefully inept entanglements of our system, instead on the doorsteps of those who champion their unlawful incursions into our sovereign nation?

Imagine, if you will, that a “family” of four, let’s say, comes up via the “caravan” and somehow sets foot on U.S. soil. They’re in, yes, as our laws dictate. But what do we do now? Incarcerate the family? Separate parents from children? Other?

I have a much simpler solution. Take that family to the front steps of Maxine Water’s gated estate, knock on the door, and then say, “Welcome to the new residents of your domicile.” And I’d repeat this procedure with every anti-wall anti-border proponent – from the halls of the Hill to the idiocy of Hollyweird.

What an “Animal Farm” moment(s) that would be – yet again a reminder of Orwell’s prescience when the character Napoleon said, “All pigs are created equal, but some are more equal than others.”

Jonathan Swift satirically suggested a solution to the Irish problem, that being to view those non-English as a food source. Is the anti-Trump anti-border Left seeing this as feed for its equally and increasingly ridiculous and dangerous political gourmanding?

Michael C. Westlund


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