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Sedona Pathways Our Daily Journey: Feb. 25, 2019

Ted Grussing Photography 2019

Ted Grussing Photography 2019

This rock serves as a great reminder to have a cup of coffee … or my preferred espresso shots.

From this angle it doesn’t look much like a coffee pot, but that is the name given to this formation on the NW side of Thunder Mountain. I took the shot yesterday from the end of the runway on Airport Mesa and am grateful for the 4 wheel drive as they had not yet plowed the taxiways, although they were plowing the runway and today a lot of the airport was cleared. Took the shot with the Nikon D850 and 200/500 lens, f/8, 1/2500th sec, ISO 400 and 500mm lens.

I got some nice shots around the house too, but gone are the days when I run to the creek and shoot a lot of snow and water type images or out on the golf course shooting the morning sun between me and snowy trees with drooping limbs. Actually in this weather I am beginning to prefer the great indoors. I did get to use my snow shovel again and found myself wishing I had bought a self-propelled snow blower, maybe this summer. By end of day tomorrow, most of the snow will disappear and the earth is receiving a wonderful slow soak of moisture. Aquifers are being replenished and hoping for a relatively slow snow melt, but it is nice to see the creeks flowing so well; Oak Creek near Cornville is flowing at 293 cubic feet per second right now, but only 36 cubic f/ps near Sedona.

Spent most of the weekend working on the book and it continues to go smoothly … can’t think of better weather to write in …

Have a beautiful morning and day … keep breathing and smiling, all is well with the world!



Though changed as are my songs from youth,

A voice within my heart still sings,

Live thou in tenderness and truth,

And love mankind instead of things.

Max Ehrmann

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