Thu, June 27

Big Park Council reflects community's voice

Marc Fuller

Marc Fuller

To say the least, the Feb. 14 meeting of the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council was well attended. On the meeting agenda were two Planning and Zoning Committee resolutions dealing with separate and very different applications.

Significantly, the overflow attendance was driven by just one of the applications: a proposed Hilton Garden Inn on the vacant parcel at the corner of SR 179 and Jacks Canyon Road.

Since the first of the year, the volunteers and representatives on Council’s P&Z had methodically worked to understand the application and the underlying land use and community issues.

An enormous number of hours were spent, carefully understanding all the facets of the proposed development.

The community should gain comfort in the fact that the P&Z Committee treats their duties with integrity, intelligence and commitment. The minutes of those meetings are on the BPRCC website.

As a result of those meetings -- and three committee members who did due diligence in writing a forceful document, clearly stating the findings and determination of the committee -- a resolution was presented to Council by the P&Z Committee for council consideration.

In summary, that resolution was to recommend the “Big Park Regional Coordinating Council (Council) deny the Application for a Zoning Map Change and all Waivers contained in the Application” (the full Resolution can be viewed on the Council’s website).

Following a brief formal presentation of the P&Z Committee’s Resolution to the Council’s Board, the applicant presented their proposal and rationale for the Hilton Garden Inn.

After which, the public was invited to speak. Over 30 residents expressed concern about the development proposed in the application and all requested that the Council support the P&Z Committee’s resolution. Following the last speaker, a motion was made and seconded to vote for the P&Z Resolution. The Board vote was unanimous to deny the application.

While the community should feel good about this vote, it is only a step in the application’s journey through the Yavapai County system. The Hilton Garden Inn application’s next step will be at the County P&Z level.

Rather than rely on incomplete social media or other channels that can have significant latency, Council strives to keep the Big Park/Village of Oak Creek community up to date on all actions, dates, times and places related to any forums considering the current Hilton Garden Inn application and the parcel at the corner of SR 179 and Jacks Canyon.

For that ongoing information flow, subscribe to the council’s email list on their website’s homepage.

As the overflow council meeting attendance clearly demonstrated, timely communication is a desire and necessity in our community.

In addition to other responsibilities, the council acknowledges this, and is stepping forward to do its part in keeping our community accurately and fully informed.

For P&Z Committee Minutes visit; to view the P&Z Resolution that Council voted to approve, visit; and to sign up for the Council’s information list, visit and scroll to the bottom of the page.