Thu, June 27

Village Veterinary Clinic gets favorable review from Big Park Community Council

Thursday, Feb. 14, the Big Park Coordinating Council voted unanimously to approve an application by Dr. Reed Scudder (Village Veterinary Clinic) to redevelop a long vacant building on SR179 into a new, modern and well-equipped veterinary clinic.

The doctor and his project development team explained their project and his motivations, answering questions from the floor.

Three individuals from the community testified to the quality of care his current clinic provides, endorsing the expanded facility as a much-needed asset for the Village of Oak Creek and surrounding communities.

To better serve his clinic’s clients and pet patients, Dr. Scudder proposes an expanded animal hospital offering full veterinary services, an indoor boarding kennel for 37 dogs, day camp facilities for 30-60 dogs, and four cat “condos."

Plans include a façade upgrade with new windows and architectural features, improvements to the south facing fence, and removal of the fence along SR179, all of which will enhance integration of the facility into the village streetscape.

The new construction will incorporate state of the art acoustic insulation for sound control and sanitation measures.

Dr. Scudder is assisted by award winning animal clinic design specialist BDA Architects from Albuquerque, N.M., and builder Loven Contracting, Inc., of Flagstaff.

Additional county approvals are required before actual construction can begin.