Thu, June 27

VOCA survey provides valuable insight to community issues

Gwen Hanna
VOCA Board 
of Directors

Gwen Hanna President VOCA Board of Directors

In order to better understand the interests and opinions of the VOCA membership, the board with assistance from HOAMCO, conducted two surveys.

The first was a Communications Survey to find out where and how our community gets their information. This was conducted for the purpose of ascertaining if there were other methods we could utilize for better dissemination of our VOCA news and events.

The second was an opinion survey with a straightforward yes/no response, related to the proposed Hilton Garden Inn Hotel.

The opinion survey was conducted from Jan. 25 to Feb. 11. The inquiry was specific to the request submitted by the property owners to the VOCA Architectural Review and Restrictions Committee. ARRC had previously responded that it was in the best interest of the association to object to the zoning change and all three of the waivers.

Since this was a topic of agenda at the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council, we conducted the opinion survey to ensure that the VOCA vote would be one that was representative of our greater community sentiment.

As a reiteration, the applicants requested (1) a zoning change from residential to commercial, (2) a waiver of the two-story height limitation to allow for three stories, (3) a waiver to reduce the setback from the required 25 feet to 16 feet for the main hotel and to three feet for the extended stay units, and (4) a waiver to reduce the side setback from the required seven feet to four feet for the extended stay units.

The survey asked for a yes or no response as follows:

• Yes, I am in favor of allowing the requested variances

• No, I am not in favor of allowing the requested variances

We received a total of 400 responses. Of that total, 82.5 percent expressed that they were not in favor of allowing the requested variances.

The general inquiry survey regarding communication was conducted from Jan. 14-31. Respondents were asked to rank communications methods, for getting general news and VOCA specific news.

The results from 385 respondents indicated that the two major sources of information that ranked highest were our Vocaonline Newsletter and the Villager newspaper

This helps to validate that we need to continue as VOCA and the Board, to use these two avenues for getting information to our property owners, and to the community at large. As importantly, the comments provided by the respondents proved invaluable.

Because there were volumes of important feedback in the narratives, we will over the next few weeks synthesize the information into meaningful data points for determining future methods for communication.

We appreciate the respondents who took time to complete the surveys. It gives us context for how we vote and represent the community, and on how best to communicate our news and events. We asked, and you answered. Thank you.