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Begin Your Year With Wisdom At Goldenstein Gallery

Originally Published: January 2, 2019 10:31 a.m.

The New Year infuses us with a sense of renewal. A time of new beginnings, we take stock and look within. This January Goldenstein Gallery celebrates the New Year and the power of looking within with their Annual Wisdom Show. This exhibit explores the power of art to inspire, give insight and enhance the way we perceive the world around us. Join Goldenstein Gallery at the opening reception for The Wisdom Show on Friday, Jan. 4, 5-8 p.m.

“I believe we can achieve world peace through the arts,” says Linda Goldenstein “Communicating through art forms allows barriers to melt away and the heart to open in response.”

The artists experience a profound connection to something larger than themselves as they create their work. The artwork comes from an inner wisdom. As each piece comes into form they are aware that the emerging piece is being created in love for someone else that they probably haven’t even met.

Ben Wright’s evocative work is a reflection of what he feels is a direct connection to the source. He muses “My artwork is intuitive. I emerge into my paintings and do not think about the clock. I allow the source to flow through me, receiving the messages that become visually translated. It’s amazing how many hours of the day will go by.”

“Ultimately, I see art as a quest for the spiritual potential in all things.” notes Adele Seronde, whose work often cannot be contained to one canvas. She finds that one will simply not express the vastness of the Southwest landscape she so loves. Her work is full of bold strokes and brushwork as she urges her viewers to expand their sense of awareness.

“Our humanity is found in our compassion for others and our willingness to engage in life, not just to float on the surface,” states mixed-media painter Karyl Bennett. Her work is reflective of that desire, using a technique and medium developed from years of experience. Perfecting a method to capture her emotions, she reverse paints with inks and metals on Plexiglas, which results in rich luminosity, depth and sense of movement.

Allegorical Art is a term sculptor James Muir uses to describe his art as being filled with symbolic meaning. Bridging the centuries from his historical military subjects to today’s social, political and spiritual commentary, his sculptures speak eloquently. “To bring light into the darkness, such is the duty of the artist,” says Muir “The longest journey is the journey within.”

His maquette sculpture of the magnificent Christ of the Holy Cross is available to see and collect at Goldenstein Gallery. Marilyn Bos’ use of layers, often 100 or more on a single painting, allows light and shadow to create the essence of the world she is painting. Each painting changes as the light reaches the various layers and the sculpted texture capturing Canyons of the West and abstractions of nature. She says, “I believe painting is the most nonintrusive way to heal ourselves and others, silently without word or sound, through the eyes into the soul. Painting is my love and responsibility, and the gift is sharing it with others.”

Sherab (Shey) Khandro inspires the hearts and minds of others through her paintings, sculpture and Intentional Jewelry. She paints using pointillism, tiny dots of color that create vibrant imagery; each stroke of the brush holds a prayer of compassion. She sees her work as an invitation and says “The power to uplift our world and all the people in it lies in the palm of our hands. Like the power found in a single atom, the ability to create great change can be found in the smallest of acts.”

Meet local artists and explore the work of these artists and more at the opening reception for The Wisdom Show on Friday, January 4th, from 5-8 p.m.

For more information on artists, artwork, Satellite Exhibits, Artists in Residence visit GoldensteinArt.com.