Wed, Feb. 26


"Russell A. Taylor, Clemenceau School Superintendent, today announced the Christmas Operetta to be presented this year in the Clemenceau Auditorium, Thursday, December 15."

"'An Operetta in Two Acts' by Clare M. Grubb and Bryoeson Treharne, has been chosen for presentation this year."

"Earl Narramore[sp?], music instructor at the school, will direct the program, and Jovis Bristow, also of the Clemenceau School faculty, assisting. Miss Bristow will have charge of dances. Other faculty members and Junior High students assisting in the production include: Costumes, Marjorie Reid, Viona Snedden; Assistants, Margaret Barker, Lorraine Wilson; Scenery and Equipment, Stanley Schirmacher. Stage Manager, Bert Black; Assistant, Joe Croskett; Program, Harley Thompson."

"The scene of the operetta is laid in medieval England on Christmas Eve. English traditions, costumes, and speech of the period are keenly exemplified throughout. Mummers add a great deal of merriment and fun to the play. The Carol Singers and Strolling Players stage 'The Nativity,' a scene from an old mystery play of the middle ages."

"The whole operetta has the setting and atmosphere of medieval times. Costuming, musical numbers, lyrics and dances of 'The Magi's Gift' are much more advanced and interesting than the operetta presented last year, which attracted an overflow crowd of valley people to the auditorium of the Clemenceau School."

(Prescott Evening Courier; Friday, December 2, 1938; page 5.)

The United Verde Extension Mining Company's smelter at Clemenceau closed permanently at the end of the work shift on Thursday, January 14, 1937. (Prescott Evening Courier; Friday, January 15, 1937; page 1.)


"Douglas, December 14: J. S. Douglas, who joined 14 others in founding the city of Douglas at the turn of the century and has been a prominent figure in the Arizona copper industry, was retired from active business today. He closed his office here last night and announced that after the nearly completed liquidation of the United Verde Extension Mining Company, of which he is president, he would not engage in business. Douglas, who organized and developed the United Verde Extension after he had been associated with his father, the late Dr. James Douglas, planned to leave today for Montreal to spend the holidays with his son, Lewis Douglas, head of McGill University. Later he will go to Los Angeles to visit his wife, who went to the coast for her health."

(Prescott Evening Courier; December 14, 1938; page 1.)

"Jerome, January 26, 1939: James S. Douglas, who dug $150,000,000 worth of copper, gold and silver out of the United Verde Extension property here, has renounced his U. S. citizenship and declared his intention of returning to his boyhood home in Megantic Province, Quebec, Canada." (Prescott Evening Courier; Thursday, January 26, 1939; pages 1 and 8; see The Verde Independent; January 29, 2017.)

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