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Dine In/Dine Out with The Dunnery: Tortas de Fuego at last

Offering several signature dishes are David, Isa and Wendy Jimenez-Sanchez, the family owners of Tortas de Fuego.

Offering several signature dishes are David, Isa and Wendy Jimenez-Sanchez, the family owners of Tortas de Fuego.

What is that? Sandwiches on fire? They can be or not, depending on your taste buds! The Dunnery welcomes the Jimenez-Sanchez family and their restaurant, Tortas de Fuego, to the VOC.

Everyone has been waiting for some dining establishment to open in the Sedona Vista Village and with its fine reputation of good food and service in W. Sedona, Tortas expansion to the VOC is perfect.

It’s a family affair and has been in Sedona for 25 years. There’s Mama Isa and her wealth of tried and true home cooked recipes that set Tortas menu apart from other Mexican restaurants.

To hear son, David, and daughter, Wendy, explain it, the menu is influenced by Mexico City, a cosmopolitan city where a mixture of cuisines is married. It is the way the ingredients are processed to impart flavor. All ingredients are fresh. No canned items are used. Only lean meats are used. Moles take three days preparation.

In addition to many years in the Poco Diablo kitchen, Isa has been a pastry chef at Los Abrigados and been associated with The Hitching Post and the Red Planet Diner. In 2011, the family opened the West Sedona location and while keeping that, seven years later, have graced us with the VOC location.

Entering the establishment, amidst the joyous bustle, one can’t help but notice the uniquely decorated tables and chairs. Each piece of furniture has been hand painted in folklore style by the Lacandona company using photographs of our red rock formations.

Isa calls this area is “my paradise." She and the family are so thankful to the “locals” for their support from the very beginning that she wanted to express that gratitude in the artistry of the establishment. “Tourists are welcome and may return each season, but it is the locals who have sustained us.”

When asked about “signature dishes”, Chile Rellenos (thumbs up, says Jeff, as they are made with Poblano peppers) a variety of Tortas (sandwiches-sub style), homemade corn tortillas, charro beans, queso fresco (rather than cheddar cheese) and a salsa bar topped the list.

We were served The Mayan Plate, set so handsomely on a platter. It included Carne Asada (grilled meat), two chicken mole enchiladas, wedges of sautéed queso fresco and grilled jalapenos. Suzie, always looking to boost her iron, loved the Higado Encebollada, or liver with onions and jalapeños.

Tortas de Fuego is open 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. Breakfast service runs until 11 a.m. Happy Hour is under consideration. The extensive menu can be found on its Facebook page.

There is group seating in the main dining room for 25-30 people, if desired.

Call 928-852-2299 for more information.

Many thanks to the Jimenez-Sanchez Family for their input and hospitality. Happy New Year to all our readers.

Jeff and Suzie at The Dunnery.

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