Mon, Nov. 18

Letter: Your voice counts so long as you make it heard


The front page of The Villager on November 1, 2018 had the “Verde Valley/Sedona School Report Cards,” which shows how bad the school ratings are (except for our previous neighborhood school which received an A). 

Randy Hawley, president of Sedona-Oak Creek School District, wrote an article on page 3 of the same paper that tells how bad the state has been in not fulfilling its funding obligation to our schools.  One of the most important things we need to do is EDUCATE OUR CHILDREN.

No matter what age you are, young or old, if you are eligible to vote, do so. We need to replace those who have the power to do something and are doing nothing. Your voice is important.  A lot of the problems in our country are due to people not getting involved and advocating for change.

If the traffic problem here in the Village of Oak Creek bothers you and you can’t get into Sedona in a timely manner, you need to get involved by voicing your opinion for an alternate route.  Your input is important.  So, please contact “Keep Sedona Moving," and say what you would like to see done.  This is your town. I hope you voice your opinion on the many state and/or local issues we are facing.

Allan Fairchild

Village of Oak Creek

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