Sat, Feb. 22

Letter: Rojo Grande project ill-conceived for Verde Valley


Open Letter to the Yavapai County Supervisors and Planning and Zoning Commissioners:

If you approve the ELS’s proposed Rojo Grande project of a huge mobile/manufactured home project of 600 homes and 130 RV sites for large Greyhound bus size RVs, The Gravedancer, as real estate mogul Sam Zell, ELS’s chairman has nicknamed himself, will be dancing all the way to the bank on the backs of even more income-restricted seniors.

There is already a 200-unit senior mobile home park in place, Sedona Shadows.

Most likely due to the extremely high space rents, which are ever-increasing, the verified turnover percentage is much higher than in other senior parks in Arizona.

This, of course, allows ELS to start the incoming newbies at even higher space rents. Currently our space rents run from the lower $900s to $1100+ .... price dependent on lot size and/or location.

How much is the income of the average senior who worked hard all his/her life, you might ask? Certainly not the $70,000 you would need to qualify for one of ELS’s new $100,000+ manufactured homes and projected space rent of at least $1,000. According to reliable stats, the average senior has an annual income of $30,000 or less.

Since El Rojo Ranch as well as Sedona Shadows, Sunset Hills, Sedona Pines along with five other residential houses are all surrounded by much admired beautiful National Forest Land, albeit parched at times, wildfire danger is frequently on our minds

Imagine a fast-moving wildfire like the one that recently destroyed almost 100% of the homes and businesses in Paradise, CA; a town of 26,000+ inhabitants....and they had prepared for a major disaster.

This fire swept along in some places at 80 miles an hour. Picture then, if you will, almost 3,000 elderly residents + 130 Greyhound size

RVs probably with a car in tow all rushing panicking to exit onto Hwy 89A’s two access points in a matter of minutes. What a horrible thought.

Do you want to be responsible for the highly probable multiple deaths by fire of seniors unable to flee in time?

Denise Kocek


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