Sun, Sept. 22

Editorial: ACLU hypocrisy on full display in Mingus ID badge dispute

Mingus Union Acting Superintendent Genie Gee is to be commended for quickly taking action to resolve the conflict over the high school’s student identification badge issue.

What is not so impressive is the hypocrisy of the Arizona chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union in its advocacy of the student involved.

First, a summary of the decision by Gee to settle the dispute with the ACLU. From now on, all Mingus Union students will be issued red student identification badges, which must be worn at all times while the student is on campus. It’s a simple safety measure to ensure young people on the MUHS campus are indeed Mingus students.

Students who have earned enough credits to be classified as a junior also will receive a gray badge, not to be worn on campus, but to be used to allow for off-campus privileges during the school lunch hour.

Case closed on that one.

As for the ACLU-Arizona, it’s curious how the organization took up the cause of one student on this issue as a privacy rights intrusion, and then went out of its way to make sure every media outlet in Arizona knew the student’s name.

On one hand, the ACLU claims the student’s privacy was compromised by making her wear the freshman-sophomore red student ID badge when she was a third-year student at Mingus.

If the red badge was embarrassing and humiliating to this student, as claimed by the ACLU, think how the student must feel with her name and photo published on the ACLU’s own website. Talk about outing the poor kid.

For the record, The Verde Independent purposely did not publish this student’s name to protect her privacy, or make it public record that she is a credit-deficient junior at MUHS.

The ACLU – her so-called advocate – should have exercised the same decency and restraint.

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