Tue, Feb. 25

City looks at new, relaxed policy for food trucks

VVN/Vyto Starinskas

VVN/Vyto Starinskas


MIchael Mathews: “I hate to regulate or prohibit something if it’s not a problem.” VVN/Kelcie Grega

The Cottonwood City Council reviewed a new relaxed draft ordinance Tuesday for food trucks vendors.

Staff has been working to amend the city’s current ordinance to comply with state law.

Last spring, the Arizona Legislature passed House Bill 2371, which amends municipalities’ ability to ban food trucks or create red tape regulating the operation of food trucks.

According to staff, the legislation prohibits the city from doing the following:

• Requiring mobile food vendors to obtain special permits not required for other businesses within the zoning district.

• Regulating the distance a food vendor can operate their business from another commercial establishment, unless required by building/fire codes

• Prohibiting vendor from using any legal parking space

• Requiring a vendor to be inspected by the fire department if evidence is provided that the vendor already passed fire inspection by another municipality.

The law still allows municipalities to restrict food truck vendors from operating at a public transit facility and residential areas or within 250 feet of a residential area.

During an Oct. 9 work session, council did not support prohibiting food truck vendors in residential areas as it would also prohibit food trucks at almost all public parks.

The new council had a similar sentiment Tuesday.

“I hate to regulate or prohibit something if it’s not a problem,” said Council Member Michael Mathews.

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