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Goldenstein Gallery unveils new work by coveted artist Ali Mignonne

“Lover’s Lake” by Ali Mignonne.

“Lover’s Lake” by Ali Mignonne.

Originally Published: January 21, 2019 11:22 a.m.

Goldenstein Gallery artist Ali Mignonne’s rich body of work is a reflection of both her artistic lineage and her deep connection to the natural world.

Both of her grandmothers were painters, her mother, Sherrie Mignonne, is also a well-known painter. From an early age she was immersed in the visual language of art and would express the delights she discovered while spending countless hours in the vibrancy of the surrounding natural environment that she profoundly loved.

She felt a deep kinship with each tree, each rock and each creature she came upon during her explorations.

To this day her work resonates with that deep connection and Goldenstein Gallery is pleased to unveil some of her newest pieces during this month’s Wisdom Show.

“Ali’s work speaks to the viewer in a subtle but powerful way,” notes Gallery Owner Linda Goldenstein “They are surprisingly rich in texture and contrast yet still evoke a sense of peace.”

Her stunning three-dimensional paintings have been collected internationally.

Mignonne’s trademark sculptural style developed by chance in the early 2000’s. As she was using building compound to create a stone-wall effect in her home, she began experimenting with brick and stone effects throughout her home.

Seeing that the compound could hold shape, the idea occurred to her to sculpt a floor to ceiling tree, but rather than experimenting on walls, she took her idea to canvas. After much trial and error, she developed her current technique creating multi-layered 3-D trees, rivers, lakes and images that pop off the canvas.

Her works are a mixture of the earth’s wonders and the mind’s fancy.

She combines ordinary scenes with out-of-context colors or images to carry the viewer past the boundaries of reality. Her paintings are dramatic and evoke strong emotions with high contrast in color and lighting.

The public can view her work at Goldenstein Gallery and as part of the public art exhibit at L’Auberge de Sedona.

Although Linda and the Gallery have worked with hundreds of artists including respected museums & community exhibitions, the award winning gallery now focuses on 50 fine local and regional artists.

They have been named Best Gallery in Sedona for 11 years running and recently USA Today’s 10 Best named them the number 1 place to shop in Sedona. Goldenstein Gallery’s new address is 150 State Route 179, at the corner of SR179 and 89A and is open daily.

Visit www.GoldensteinArt.com or FaceBook to sign-up for their informative monthly E-zine, or call 928-204-1765 for information.