Sun, Aug. 18

Townsend comfortably wins section championship

Camp Verde High freshman wrestler Caylee Townsend continued her season long improvement at Sectionals, pinning her way to the title.

Last Saturday at the first ever AIA girls wrestling sectionals, Caylee Townsend won the championship.

“It was really exciting, I’ve never really done anything like that,” Caylee Townsend said.

CV head coach Larry Allred said she’s improved drastically after an early loss.

“When she first came in she had a lot of work to do and her technique was really kind of all over the board but she’s worked incredibly hard,” Allred said. “She’s kind of a special girl in that way, she has that ability to push herself kind of harder than most young ladies are and so she has that natural grittiness. She’s used it to work hard, constant drilling and every tournament we can see her get better and better and better. And so where she took a loss in her first tournament, then she got better, then she was having close matches her second tournament and now by the time she’s at Sectionals, she pinned her way straight through Sectionals and is pretty much dominating in our section.”

She’s 14-1 so far this season.

On the day she won the inaugural section championship, her brother Brody Townsend won the middle school state title.

“It’s kinda cool on the same day her brother wins the state championship Caylee wins Sectionals and they both went undefeated through the tournaments and won them,” Allred said. “That was really cool for me as the head high school coach to look and see that much success.”

She said Sectionals was one of the more difficult tournaments she’s been to.

“She’s been doing really well,” said Camp Verde Middle School head coach T.J. Townsend and her father. “I think she’s going to win State too.”

The state tournament will be on Feb. 8 at the Findlay Toyota Center in Prescott Valley.

“I think she’s got a good chance of winning State,” Allred said. “We know we took a loss to a girl that we’re going to see at State and that was in the beginning of the year, but like I mentioned before, she’s coming ahead, she’s grown, she’s not the same wrestler. So we’ve come up with a good strategy, good game plan, we’ve got a game plan for that girl in particular, we’ve been drilling specific things for that girl and I think we can get all the way to her and I think we got a good chance of beating her.”

Caylee Townsend has wrestled at the 106-pound weight class this year.

She said it’s really cool to get to compete at the AIA’s first girls state tournament.

“I worked really hard with my coaches for this and got to go,” Caylee Townsend said.