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Guitar art by Anthony Mazzella at Aurora Dora Photography Gallery

The showing will kick off throughout the day with Mazzella and Dora visiting with everyone at the gallery 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., then conclude with Mazzella’s main performance at 5.

The showing will kick off throughout the day with Mazzella and Dora visiting with everyone at the gallery 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., then conclude with Mazzella’s main performance at 5.

Originally Published: July 1, 2019 10:11 a.m.

Anthony Mazzella Signature Series Guitar Art will be on display at Aurora Dora Photography Gallery starting July 4, 2019. The breathtaking beauty of Dora’s unique night sky photography with Anthony’s mesmerizing music is combined to give visitors an unforgettable experience.

The showing will kick off throughout the day with Mazzellaand Dora visiting with everyone at the gallery 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., then conclude with Mazzella’s main performance at 5. This is a free event.

Mazzella is recognized internationally as one of the premier guitarists of our time. What most people don’t know is that he is also a skilled artist with paint and pen. One of his favorite places to create designs is on his guitar. He is now creating these guitars as works of art, and will have them for purchase at Aurora Dora Gallery located at 320 N. State Route 89A, Suite P2, Uptown Sedona. 

Interview with Anthony Mazzella to get some insights about his Signature Series Guitar Art:

Tell us how this new venture began?

I have always enjoyed drawing pictures. Even before I started studying music at 5 years of age. It makes sense that I feel really comfortable drawing on a finished wood of a guitar. I just always loved the process more than the finished work. The process of making the art is the big payoff. That is a successful artist as far as I am concerned.  Friends of mine asked me once if I would make a couple of guitars to have auctioned to benefit the Camp Soaring Eagle Foundation, for children in need with serious illnesses, and that’s where my inspiration originated.

What and who are some of your artistic influences?

My art is influenced by everything there is. Never a dull moment in my artistic spirit and well of creativity. It is a natural process for me to transform the senses into art. As far as the works of other people, I love the surrealists, such as Salvador Dali and company. I love 19th Century French art. When I lived in NY I used to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and march straight to the 19th Century French wing.

The painters from that era would paint the soul and the faces look like photos. Even up close. It is scary how brilliant they are. After living in Italy for three years, I got to see so many incredible works by the master Italian painters. I love the works of some modern painters as well. Alex Gray is tapping into something very deep, with his sense of geometry, anatomy, time and space.

How many guitar paintings have you created?

I have created 20 to date and most have sold. The first one is on my main Taylor acoustic guitar. The second is on a Luna butterfly guitar. The third is on a black Ibanez guitar with silver paint. The 4th is an Oracle Zen guitar which has variations of the yin yang theme and Japanese calligraphy on the neck. The 5th is an American Eagle soaring over the Red Rocks of Sedona. The 6th is a red acoustic guitar with a lotus flower. The 7th is a parlor size (small) guitar with flowers and a budding tree. Then I duplicated some and was hired to do some custom designs.

Tell us about your creative process?

It is really simple. I just let the paint and pen do the work. Even with music, I have a strong sense of being guided by something other than myself.  A lifetime of being an artist helps relax the body, mind and soul so the inspiration can flow.

Without getting to deep on the enigma of art, I just draw freely. There are no sketches or plans unless commissioned by a buyer with a specific need. Otherwise, I just let the pen flow in a fashion that feels like the way an ice skater dances on ice. The biggest challenge is knowing when to stop. A true artist knows that the negative space is just as important as the space you fill.

How many of these guitars will you have on display at Aurora Dora Gallery?

I will start with 5 but would like to keep going with this. I really enjoy the process, the affirmations I receive from people definitely fuels my desire create these guitars. Creating music is my first love, but I will surely find the time to keep painting the guitars. There is an organic spark to this new venture with Aurora Dora.

Dora Redman is a self proclaimed huge fan of my music. She comes to see my shows, has all my CD’s and plays my music in her gallery. At one of my last performances we discussed collaborating together. We thought that starting an exhibit of my guitars in her gallery was an equally beneficial opportunity, and a great way to celebrate this year’s Independence Day! 

Meet “Aurora” Dora Redman

Dora Redman, photographer and owner of Aurora Dora Photography Gallery, has been capturing the dark night skies with the Northern Lights for the last 18 years in Alaska. She has documented decades of nights in extremely cold Alaskan winters. She loves to share her experiences of capturing the beauty of the world with everyone. Dora’s images not only display the magical lights of the Northern Hemisphere (Aurora Borealis), but they also feature the mystical Arizona night scenes as well.

In November 2018, she opened her Arizona gallery where she displays her collection of the local landscapes, in addition to the Northern Lights. 

Dora brings mystery into each image with the natural play of the night sky from the moon to the stars.

See Sedona like you’ve never seen it before – lit by the night. Walking into Aurora Dora’s Photography Gallery is dream-like, and a definite must see.

The Aurora Dora Photography Gallery is located in Sinagua Plaza at 320 N State Route 89A, Suite P2 in Uptown Sedona. For more information visit AnthonyMazzella.com, AuroraDora.com or call 928-282-0878.