Wed, Feb. 19

Refresher course on VOCA by-laws, association rules

Gwen Hanna

Gwen Hanna

It’s only been two months with this current board composition, but the teamwork and synergy would suggest that we’ve been working together for years instead of months.

The board jumped right in with the first order of business to review and approve administrative policies that were inconsistent with our by-laws. These latest revisions have been incorporated after board approval in the May meeting. All VOCA administrative policies are back on the website. One of the tasks of this board will be to continue to review these policies to confirm that there are no conflicts with the bylaws or other governing documents, and to ensure and appropriately update our practices and policies for consistency and compliance.

On June 11, the Finance Committee and the Board had a working session to discuss the results of the latest Reserve Study. Conclusion: The reserves are underfunded, operating expenses continue to rise, and to be fiscally responsible, we must consider a multi-faceted strategy for increasing our reserves and operating capital.

There will be several meetings before anything is decided/recommended. Discussions will continue in Finance Committee meetings, additional working sessions, and a VOCA Community Forum will also be scheduled. Once dates are set for these open meetings, they will be communicated and posted for the VOCA membership.

We encourage VOCA members to attend these very important meetings to stay informed and up to date on these Finance Committee and Board discussions.

On the golf front, great weather and longer days mean greater utilization by our non-golf walkers as well as golf members and guests. Unfortunately, we’ve had some escalating issues of people not adhering to our rules related to walking on the course: Walkers are not off the course before first tee time, and often still walking when golf is in play.

Many dog owners do not have their pets on a leash as required by AZ statute. Dogs often roam freely on the golf course and straddle properties adjacent to the golf course.

Some owners are not picking up after their pets, and the mess is being found by our golf maintenance staff, or worse, by our golfers. A friendly chat/reminder with some, has unfortunately resulted in conversations ending in verbal threats of physical harm, and other unfortunate discourse directed at our staff, playing members, and neighbors. This has left us with no other option than to have the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Department issue warnings and citations.

Thank-you to those who follow our rules. But it’s truly unfortunate to have to take these measures because just asking nicely, hasn’t worked with some of the people who haven’t been following our policy.

Since we’re sharing limited VOCA resources, it is fundamentally unfair to ask the greater community to adhere to our policies when a fraction of the community sets an example that these policies don’t matter.

They do matter, for the benefit and safety of our staff, golfers, non-golfing walkers, and neighboring property owners. So, we ask for everyone’s understanding and gracious cooperation.

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