Mon, Dec. 09

Letter: Catholic Church unfairly singled out in clergy sexual abuse news reports


A recent article in your newspaper on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church was front-page news. Let’s start with I find any sexual abuse by anyone to be abhorrent.

Your article stated 109 Catholic priests in 50 years were accused (not convicted) in the Phoenix Diocese.

This my complaint printed, broadcast, and cable news will run these stories of abuse in the Catholic Church dating back 70 years or more for a week or more. Most of the accused are now dead and cannot offer a defense.

What is alarming is that sexual abuse in the Protestant churches in most case goes unreported. A simple Google search revealed that 380 Southern Baptist clergy were accused since 1998. In recent years 200 were convicted.

The three major insurance companies, that are used by the protestant churches revealed that 260 cases are reported yearly, and settlements are made with non-disclosure agreements obtained.

So not only is the Catholic Church guilty of abuse so are the Protestant churches. So in fairness and complete reporting the abuse in all churches must be exposed.

I find that current reporting seems to hold the Catholic Church to a higher standard than what Protestant churches are held to or is it because people believe the Catholic Church has deep pockets. Let’s be fair. Report all abuse.

By the way, I am a proud Roman Catholic.

Walter McIntosh


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