Thu, Feb. 20

Letter: Hilton Garden Inn very well could benefit VOC


Many thanks for providing a good summary regarding the proposed zoning change for the Hilton Garden Inn.

It certainly was helpful to learn about the different entities and their respective responsibilities since there seems to be some confusion about them. Although it did seem somewhat biased in its presentation headline.

And thank you to both the Yavapai County Planning and Zoning Commission and the Planning and Zoning Committee of the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council for voting in favor of the proposed zoning change.

It is clear that both of these groups are indeed concerned with positive improvements for our village rather than unfounded concerns such as traffic, views, noise and safety as voiced by many of the residents.

They should be commended for their due diligence for “reasonable and best use of the property” and not cowering to neighbor’s pressure.

It is after all only a small hotel on a vacant piece of land that actually might enhance our neighborhood, especially compared to the mini storage warehouse being constructed next to the Element Hotel.

For those of us who are truly concerned about the economic future of our Village (ie. property values, tax revenue), we should consider positive change rather than immediately oppose it.

Otherwise it will result in a stagnation and possibly even a move backward including such things as lack of funds for public services such as a school closing.

Chris Jones

Village of Oak Creek

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