Thu, Dec. 05

Letter: Mike Westcott a superb choice as Mingus Union district superintendent

Mike Westcott

Mike Westcott


As a past superintendent of Mingus Union High School, I would like to congratulate the present board of governors for their wisdom in appointing Mr. Mike Westcott as their new superintendent.

Thirty-some years ago, I hired Mike fresh out of his college experience in preparation to become a high school teacher. Never did I ever regret that decision.

In all the years observing his expertise as a master teacher, not once did I ever have a complaint from a parent or a student regarding his classroom teaching, his relationship with his students, his understanding of student needs, problems and desires, and his responsibilities as a leader of teenage youth.

Mike was a “principal’s delight” as a teacher; he always represented the morals, ethics, and persona as a mature person. Both his students and peers could look to him as a model for young people growing into adulthood.

When adding these descriptive adjectives to his organizational and communication skills, Mike will be truly successful in his role as a leading superintendent.

Belonging to a long-time family in the Verde Valley, Mike knows the history and culture of this very unique area of Arizona, the outstanding atmosphere of MUHS and he will support and pursue a well-defined and in-depth growth of its values.

May we all join together in supporting Mr. Westcott as he continues the great educational traditions of Mingus Union High School.

Ron Barber


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