Fri, Jan. 24

Clarkdale Council to hear input on substation, tax rate and levy
Budget on agenda for one of Tuesday’s two meetings

Two meetings, both set for Tuesday, will hopefully allow the Clarkdale Town Council to address some key issues.

A meeting that features only a public input time and an executive session to discuss an Arizona Public Service substation is set for 2 p.m., while the Council’s regular meeting is set for 3 p.m.

The Council now meets in the Men’s Lounge alcove of the Clark Memorial Clubhouse.

The agenda for the 3 p.m. regular meeting includes a public work session on the APS substation. It also includes a public, state-mandated Truth in Taxation hearing regarding property taxes, with approval of the property tax levy, property tax rate and the town’s final budget for Fiscal 2020 all potential action items on the agenda as well.

The 3 p.m. meeting also has its built-in public input segment, toward the start of the meeting.

The proposed levy is meant to raise funds for some of Clarkdale’s many road and street improvement needs. Voters shot down a bond issue for such purposes last November. It would raise, by $9.33 per year, the property tax for the owner of a property with a $300,000 valuation, and less of an increase for properties with smaller valuations.

The median home value for Clarkdale is $280,000.

Other items on Tuesday evening’s agenda include a consent agenda that includes a maximum-$50,000 intergovernmental agreement with the Yavapai County Flood Control District.

The agenda packet can be viewed here, once it is available:

Recently hired Clarkdale Town Manager Tracie Hlavinka provided the Verde Independent with a detailed history of property tax rates and levies for the town over the past 10 years.

“The $3.11 increase in the primary tax levy is actually the proposed primary property tax levy subtracted from the maximum tax rate that could be imposed without holding a Truth in Taxation hearing,” Hlavinka said.

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