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Mingus football debuts new helmet logo

Photos by VVN/James Kelley

Photos by VVN/James Kelley

Tired of being asked if he’s a Buccaneers fan, Mingus Union football head coach Robert Ortiz has gotten a new logo for Marauder football.

The new logo, part of a redesign of their helmet, now features a skull, with two crossed swords in front of a red block M. It replaces the familiar Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo that the Marauders have sported for nearly all of this century.

“After last summer when I got here, we cleaned the weight room and we cleaned the locker room and we’ve been getting new equipment and out of everything that we’ve been getting we just felt that since we were already kinda cleansing out the old, bringing in some new stuff, we got some new shoulder pads and things like that we just felt like it was time so we went ahead and we matched up the new paint color of the helmet to new alternative gray uniforms that we got and the game pants,” Ortiz said. “So when we were talking about painting them, we just said ‘hey, it’s time to come up with something new,’ mostly because I got tired of people asking if I was a Bucs fan. So we just felt like it was time and we wanted it to be Mingus, we didn’t want it to be anybody else’s logo or something different or something that somebody else already had, we wanted it to be something that was our own and that we could call our own.”

The main of the helmet is gray or silver, it has a red face mask, with the new logo on the right side and the player’s number on the left. There’s a thick red stripe down the middle with the new logo subtlety inside it and thin white strips on each side of the main red one.

A decal company designed it and sent a couple designs to MUHS. The Marauders own this logo unlike the NFL one they had been using.

The 2020 seniors helped pick it, an opportunity Ortiz gave them to make their mark on the program after they had long been in the shadow of the class of 2019.

According to the Arizona high school helmet history website, Mingus Union has had four helmet designs since 1999. They sported the Buccaneers logo from 1999 to 2000, 2004 to 2010, 2012 to 2015 and 2017 to 2018, the script writing Mingus logo in 2001, a Marauder head in 2003, a skull in 2011 and a modified Oakland Raiders logo in 2016.

From 1996 to 1998 they also used the script Mingus logo, in 1994 they had a plain black helmet with a red face mask, in 1992, 1993 and 1995 a plain black helmet and face mask and in 1967 and 1988 to 1991 a red helmet with a gray facemask.

Ortiz said he hasn’t gotten any complaints from alumni who miss the traditional Bucs logo.

“Honestly I haven’t heard one bit of negative feedback,” Ortiz said.

The youth teams will also get the same decals.

“Obviously that’s our feeder program so we want them to be a part of what we’re doing at the earliest of ages,” Ortiz said. “So everybody was kind of on board from people out in the community who volunteered their time for the youth league, our student body here, which is most important you know, if they’re not having fun and if they don’t have somewhat of say to a degree then it’s just a grind for them and at least they’re working for something. They know that their coaching staff is gonna take care of them in return of taking care of us and the program.”

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