Wed, Nov. 13

Non-profit status limits Big Park Council's political options

Marc Fuller

Marc Fuller

Last month I wrote that the County Supervisors hearing for the Hilton Garden Inn rezoning application would be in July. Due to the resignation of one of the Supervisors the meeting for the hearing was postponed until August so that a full panel of five Supervisors would present.

The Supervisors will meet and vote on the Hilton Garden Inn rezone application for the parcel at the corner of SR 179 and Jacks Canyon Road will be 9 a.m. August 21, at 10 South 6th St in Cottonwood.

The Agenda format of the Big Park Council regular meeting Agenda and meeting process is improving. To allow residents to easily listen to updates regarding our community, the first responders and others who have provided important news and updates will now be going much, much earlier in the Agenda.

Also related to this, the Big Park Council Board voted to engage a consulting parliamentarian for the next five meetings. This will help make the balance of the Agenda items more focused, purposeful and productive while complying with the Big Park Council’s bylaws.

As discussed before the Big Park Council is a private corporation, but not discussed in-depth is that the Big Park Council is an IRS recognized non-profit corporation. This very important as to how the Big Park Council communicates to other entities and public officials. To retain non-profit status, IRS requires that organizations do not lobby or engage in other political activities, but the Council can advocate.

The National Council on Aging has some good examples of the differences. Which are included below:

• Advocacy: Educating a member of Congress about the effects of a policy on your constituency.

• Lobbying: Emailing a “call to action” to your members urging them to contact their member of Congress in support of action on introduced legislation or pending regulations.

With the Big Park Council’s very small budget and in an effort to retain respect in Yavapai County and Arizona it is important to retain our non-profit status, so please understand the restrictions on the Council if you wish it would more strongly lobby and participate in politics. As a non-profit corporation there are real limitations.

And finally, please come to the next regular Big Park Council and let us know what you think?

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