Mon, Jan. 20

VOCA rules concerning dogs consistent with county ordinances

John Rogers

John Rogers

Our President, Gwen Hanna, has just returned from vacation, so it is my privilege to send this month’s message to the Village residents.

We are continuing to encourage all of the Villagers to respect and comply with the rules regarding dogs on private and public property. The Yavapai County Ordinance requires that dogs be confined to the property of the owner or designated caregiver or, when not within the confined area, the dog must be on a leash.

Failure to abide by the ordinance authorizes the Yavapai County Sheriff to issue a fine of up to $250 to the dog owner or caregiver. In the event that a dog causes damage to a person or another pet, the owner of the aggressive dog is subject to civil liability for any damages incurred.

In addition, it is a violation of VOCA Policy for dogs and/or non-golfers to be on the Oakcreek Golf Course during hours that are designated as golfing hours.

Signs are posted at various places around the Golf Course reminding Villagers of the hours during which non-golf walking on the Course is prohibited.

The Golf Course appearance and playing condition are great. We are so thankful for the heroic efforts by Robert Walton, Heather Risk, OCC employees, the HOAMCO staff and the many volunteers and contributors who helped “save” the golf course after having sustained unprecedented damage from the late February storm.

I want to take this opportunity to express the Board of Directors’ appreciation for the many Owners who serve on the VOCA Committees. The success of any Home Owner’s Association rests on the shoulders of the people who serve on the various Committees.

• ARCHITECTURE REVIEW AND RESTRICTIONS COMMITTEE reviews applications for residential construction, remodeling and painting requests and reviews and decides sanctions for residential code violations. The ARRC Committee meets twice a month.

• FINANCE COMMITTEE is the “Keystone” of our HOA finances. The Committee oversees the development of the annual budget, prepares the monthly Financial Report, and makes recommendations regarding capital expenditures.

• GOLF AND GREENS COMMITTEE membership is selected from the Men’s and Women’s Club. The Committee provides direction regarding management, operation and maintenance of the Golf Club and the Golf Course.

• HOUSE AND GROUNDS COMMITTEE keeps track of the condition of the VOCA common property (excluding the Golf Course) and makes recommendations to the Finance Committee and the Board regarding maintenance and improvement needs.

• ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE, a Special Committee, currently chaired by Irene Abramovich, arranges recreational and social activities for VOCA members. The Committee sponsors several events throughout the year, including breakfasts and dinners at VOCA and, my favorite, “SAMMY DAVIS BAND IN THE PARK”.

• COURTS COMMITTEE, a Special Committee, chaired by Terry DeMars, oversees the Tennis and Pickleball program needs, promotes membership in the VOCA Courts Club and organizes volunteers to help out with court maintenance.

The VOCA Committees are always receptive to any and all VOCA members attending Committee meetings. The Committee meeting dates are posted on the VOCA Community Resources Calendar. Participation in committees expands your opportunity for your voice to be heard and for your ideas to be implemented.

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