Mon, July 06

Be Fit, Fit! -- Hold Your Gut And Jump

Being in the business of fitness, nutrition, and generalized digestion, I guess am expected to occasionally write about the gut.


By now, you probably assume that this blog will be about digesting fibrous matter versus proteins or something equally horrible.

Well, no.

I am going to reflect about the necessity to, sometimes, hold your gut and jump… and go for it! (Whatever your “it” might be).

Yesterday, I assisted at the Commencement Ceremony at the VVS, the high school of my daughter. She was graduating and John Featherstone from Lightswitch shared his insight on how to, well jump forward.

The fear, which prevents us even from trying out, is the number one killer of dreams, John noted.

The “going for it” attitude is so important in all aspects of life, not only fitness.

How many of us fail to advance and progress, fail to reach out and achieve, and do not try out of fear of… failing? And if you do not try and do not jump into the new situation, how can you say that you will have lived your life to the fullest? That you will have not missed on anything or anybody? The main reason of failing is… not trying. And, at the end… not even realizing that yes, we can.

I remember in detail moments when I had to / or decided to – go for something. Whether it was learning how to swim at the ripe age of 18 despite my family telling me that swimming invariably leads to drownings. Or when I decided to try if weight lifting can help me lose all that weight that I was carrying at about the same age. Then, there were bigger decisions: leaving couple of countries behind, immigrating a few times, deciding to launch my own businesses, risking my PhD scholarship monies to print out the first brochures of one of those businesses to advertise back in the no-Internet era, leaving controlling and otherwise abusive and harmful relationships, buying and selling my two condos back in Montreal… All while not having parents to run to for help… And succeeding at all that.

Starting a fitness program and a new path to the healthy lifestyle and wellbeing is scary, too. The simple act of engaging in that means that we just realized that we can improve something, exposed something what can/needs to/we think should be addressed. It takes lots and lots of guts to admit to any imperfection of the current state of affairs. So, by all means, hold those guts in and jump in… head first!

Magdalena is the owner of the Be Fit Fit Personal Training Studio ( and a Realtor® at the Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International in Sedona. Visit her “Be Fit Fit” blog at

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