Wed, Oct. 16

Board tasks assigned, VOCA ready for productive year of service

Gwen Hanna

Gwen Hanna

With the annual meeting completed, we conducted our organization meeting of the ne board. During the selection of officers, I was reappointed as president of the VOCA Board for the year. It is my privilege to serve again in this capacity, and looking forward to working with a very qualified and committed team of Board members.

The following, details the appointments made in the meeting, along with some other recent activities related to VOCA:

Officers Appointed:

Gwen Hanna—President

Jim Kautz—Treasurer

David Hanke—Secretary

John Rogers—Vice President

Committee Assignments:

Kevin O’Connor—Board Representative and Chair of the Architectural Review and Restrictions Committee (ARRC), and Big Park Council Representative. David Hanke is first alternate for Big Park Council, in Kevin’s absence.

Sean Baguley—Board Representative and Chair to the Finance Committee, with Jim Kautz serving on the Finance Committee as Board Treasurer.

Cal Wood and Jim Kautz—Board Representatives on the Golf and Greens Committee.

David Hanke—House & Grounds, with John Rogers as Chair.

Gwen Hanna—In addition to the general responsibilities of the Presidency, appointed as the Board Representative for the Activities Committee.

Schedule for Board meetings and the Annual meeting for 2019-2020: Dates are now posted. They’ve been reviewed to ensure that there were no conflicts with holiday schedules.

Golf Course:

Our golf course is in the best shape ever, but unfortunately, many people don’t know that our golf course is back to its usually immaculate condition.

Heather Risk (Head Golf Professional) gets at least one call a day by outside guests wanting to know if the course is playable.

The Golf Shop will continue to run specials and spread the word. The remnants of the storm are still visible in the stacks of wood that remain.

We have a designated woodpile on our VOCA property adjacent to Red Rock Cove Drive with a sign that reads, “Free wood. Pick up at your own risk.” This area is frequently refreshed with more wood. Feel free to take as much as you like.

Redstone Restaurant:

Our Operator has now opened the upper level for dinner on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. They’ve been receiving great reviews. Thursday seems a favorite when prime rib is available. Reservations are encouraged. Here’s hoping it becomes one of your options for a casual evening of dining in the VOC.

Mandatory Connection of Sewers:

Big Park Wastewater Improvement District finally adopted Ordinance No. 2019. Section 401A further defines requirements for mandatory hook-up. This has been a longstanding item of concern for some of our VOCA owners, and we’re pleased that the clarifying language has finally been officiated.

Outdoor Concert in VOCA Park:

Sammy Davis & Band entertained us on May 18th with music and dancing in the park. Attendees had a great time. Thank-you to the Activities Committee for the outstanding coordination. Stay tuned for more events to come. Everyone in the VOC is always welcome.

Have a great month.

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