Sun, Sept. 15

Letter: A little history lesson for those who support Red Rock Crossing bridge


Mr. Fairchild’s comment to “put the bridge back at Red Rock Crossing…” has one problem- there never was a bridge at Red Rock Crossing.

It was a low water crossing, consisting of concrete approaches and rail road track steel laid parallel to the flow of the creek. Quite honestly, if the water was above the steel and flowing heavily, crossing it could cause a sudden feeling of “oh crud” as the vehicle slid along the steel downstream. You always started out high, upstream, so you could finish on the low side of the approach. The uninitiated were regularly fished out the creek.

The “put the bridge back” refrain is only heard from folks who have not lived here since before 1978 when the crossing washed out. It never was a quick way to SR89A.

Economical way? The north side of the crossing approach is a residential area with a narrow road going to Chavez Road, and then the narrow switchbacks that comprise the Upper Loop Road before it passes the high school. The Lower Loop Road is hardly engineered for increased traffic as it also winds around hills/canyons going west (south). I suspect any road coming up, out, of the crossing area will hardly be economical, either in planning or execution. Nor do I think the residents of the quite area surrounding the crossing area will give up easements without a fight.

The 179 traffic problem is uptown- there only so many potatoes you can put into a 5-pound bag before they start to overflow and spill out. One can have as many traffic lanes as they want on Hwy 179, but when uptown is full they have to spill out somewhere.

The vast majority (dare I say all) of the residents of VOC moved here from somewhere else. They came, they saw, they moved. Sorry Mr. Fairchild, you are part of the problem. We came to a small town and created a resort town. Not my liking, and if anything will cause me to leave Sedona, it will be the traffic. But, I am not going to parrot the refrain “put a bridge at the crossing” because it will not alleviate the flow of traffic on Hwy 179.

Denny Mandeville

43 year resident VOC, Sedona

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