Sun, Sept. 22

Letter: Free stuff a ‘bad habit’ of the Left


The continually expanding list of Democrat presidential candidates for 2020 is now large enough to field two baseball teams and at least one small bullpen.

Based on news releases of those candidates’ views, I calculate the combined political batting average for both teams would be about .000.

Most or all of those hopefuls are promising the electorate lots of free stuff, a bad habit of the left. No solid explanations to may for everything have been made.

Their list of free stuff emanates from the Green New Deal proposed by representative Ocasio-Cortez. The ruin and misery that accompany this impossible to accomplish proposal is endless.

It would surely bankrupt the U.S. many times over, impoverish the taxpaying middle class, collapse job creation, overwhelm social service organizations, destroy personal wealth, and create millions more poverty level citizens.

Most of the 2020 hopefuls parrot some or all of this proposal. How any sane person could consider Rep. A.O.C.’s plan is beyond comprehension.

The ideas of socialism are on parade. Amazing.

The left wing proponents who denigrate capitalism must wear blinders. Capitalism has showered us with so many material blessings we can’t keep track of them.

That says nothing about the elimination of starvation, disease and great swaths of poverty. Capitalism provides opportunities, work and success.

As economic professor Ludwig von Mises said years ago, “If you seek its monument, look around you.”

President Trump has been successful with his promises and actions and has stolen the thunder in advance from Democrat hopefuls.

They have nothing meaningful to run on. Their crazy ideas will never benefit this great republic.

Mark Gettles


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