Wed, Nov. 13

Big Park Council P&Z Committee votes 6-3 in favor of Patel rezoning

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There was an overwhelming public outcry in response to the Big Park Council Planning and Zoning Committee’s vote Monday. The committee met on June 3 to vote on the rezoning application for the Patel property, which sits on the corner of State Route 179 and Jack’s Canyon Road. After months of deliberation and research, the committee voted 6-3 in favor of the applicant’s application to rezone the property from residential to C2-1 commercial zoning with stipulations for the proposed Hilton Garden Inn.

Their decision stunned the community members that attended. However, a majority of the committee thought that Yavapai County might rezone the property to commercial in spite of Big Park’s recommendation, and they felt it was important that the Village have a say in the rezoning details.

The rezoning stipulations were negotiated between the committee and the Patels, and include increased setbacks, building height agreements, and usage restrictions that would not allow automotive repair shops, automotive sales, or self-storage facilities. The Patels have agreed to submit these stipulations with their zoning application to Yavapai County, and if passed, the stipulations would stay with the property and apply to all future uses.

Should the rezoning ultimately be approved by Yavapai County, the Patels intend to build a 154-guestroom Hilton Garden Inn on this property. Many in the Village are opposed to this proposal, as they feel it does not serve the community needs and would negatively impact the iconic red rock views. They also fear that the traffic backup caused by the pedestrian traffic from the hotel would rival that of the Tlaquepaque crossing, as well as cause safety issues for Jack’s Canyon and Pine Valley in the event of a fire.

The P&Z committee recommendation will now go to the Big Park Council, which meets on June 13 at 9 a.m. at the VOC Fire Station. At that time the

representatives on the Council will hear the committee recommendation and community comments and vote whether or not to recommend the Patel rezoning application to the Yavapai County Supervisors.

On June 20, the Yavapai County Planning & Zoning Commission will take the Big Park Council recommendation, along with community letters and emails, and vote to recommend either approval or denial of the rezoning application to the Yavapai County Supervisors.

On July 17, the Yavapai County Supervisor Board will make the final determination on this rezoning request. They listen to the County Planning and Zoning Commission recommendation, the Big Park Council recommendation, and the letters and emails from the community. The public is invited to speak at all three meetings.

For those interested in obtaining a better idea of what the proposed hotel might look like, there is a Youtube conceptual 3D driveby video available at:

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