Mon, Nov. 18

Opinion Letter to the Editor: Benefits of Cottonwood Airport cannot be denied; noise not a problem

VVN file photo/Vyto Starinskas

VVN file photo/Vyto Starinskas


The “banner” letter in the June 2 Verde Independent makes it sound like there are a lot of folks complaining about Cottonwood Airport noise.

They are in the minority.

Cottonwood is an airport town, as are Sedona and Prescott. This gem is not hidden. The benefits go beyond funding. The benefits are all the commerce that is attracted in and around the airport. That contribution is important to jobs and the health and well-being of the community.

The airport certainly is a gem.

Due diligence is needed in selecting a residence near an airport. It is impossible to demand noise reduction once moved in. It is not the city’s or airport’s problem. It’s the buyer’s.

The Airport Commission and City Council have heard the complaints. There is really little they can do. But … they have gotten the word out to pilots, talked to flight schools, have submitted proposals to modify flight patterns, and have even started working with the fixed-base operator for a You Tube-like piece available to all users. That is about all they can do.

Proposals such as landing fees are totally unworkable. The activists have pretty much gotten all they can get. The motivation of the activists has never been questioned. Is it class envy? Might it be misophonia, an OC disorder? If so, it is important to relocate oneself rather than the airport. The taxpayers will not stand for the expense of closing a highly visible, long-standing airport (since the 1920s) and the inflated cost of building a new one somewhere else.

If you notice aircraft noise, just disregard or dismiss it, but don’t dote on it. That causes distress.

I am noise sensitive. I live under the flight path. I hear the planes. I disregard them. I dismiss them. The airport is not a problem.

Paul Woll


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