Sun, Oct. 20

Letter: New and fresh ideas should always be encouraged


A bridge at the Red Rock Crossing is a hot-button issue but the letter by Gary Mialocq went across the line when he started out by saying another letter submitting an opinion was probably from a “newbie.”

His inference is that the opinion of anyone new to the area can be taken out of hand as meaningless because they just don’t know anything, which is a very sanctimonious approach to discussing the merits of an issue.

I would like to address the issues pointed out by Mr. Mialocq. He states that Taxpayers for Common Sense said it was a waste of money as if they are an authoritative body. They don’t do an independent assessment of the projects they pass judgment on but respond to lobbyists and individual complaints to decide what is a wasteful project, not necessarily a ringing endorsement of an independent government agency.

Mr. Mialocq points to a 20-year old study and its court judgments as a reason to not think about a bridge. I would like to think that Mr. Mialocq doesn’t believe that we should rely on older judicial opinions without challenges because of modern day events and issues.

He then brings up the Sierra Club protest regarding a bridge, and I would like to ask if there is anything the Sierra Club doesn’t protest when it comes to doing anything on public land? We all know the answer to that because their cases against land owners, government agencies and businesses result in innumerable court cases.

The idea that Verde Valley School Road would have to be widened to four lanes is a red herring as is the idea that we would lose our dark sky status. Street lights are designed to shine down as they do in West Sedona on 89A. Mr. Mialocq states that the curvy nature of the road is dangerous but recommends using Back o’ Beyond which is twice as curvy, more narrow and would also require lighting.

By starting his letter denigrating someone else’s idea just because they may be new to the area doesn’t mean his arguments are better as I have tried to point out. Advancement to overall society has occurred with new and fresh ideas usually from younger and “newbie” people that enter a situation and see a way to make things better and more efficient. We wouldn’t have cars if Henry Ford didn’t believe there was a better way to travel than horse and buggy, and all the naysayers that didn’t want to see change fought the invention. Throughout history change has been fought by those who want to live in the past and if they had won we would still be living in caves.

So let’s stop calling people names and actually talk to people as opposed to talking down to people with the idea “I’ve been here longer and know better. so shut up”.

Kenneth Dropek

Village of Oak Creek

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