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Cottonwood hosts Golden Rumble on Saturday
Camp Verdean, member of the Yavapai Apache Nation and Mingus Union student Adam Hines to fight in main event

Adam Hines trains last year. He will fight for the super welterweight Junior Amateur IKF of Arizona State Title on Saturday in Cottonwood. VVN/James Kelley

Adam Hines trains last year. He will fight for the super welterweight Junior Amateur IKF of Arizona State Title on Saturday in Cottonwood. VVN/James Kelley

The International Kick Boxing Federation’s return to Verde Valley will feature some debuts but also will be headlined by a familiar face.

On Saturday night starting at 7 p.m., Reese’s Tire Pros will host The Golden Rumble at 2435 East State Route 89A in Cottonwood.

The main event will be the Junior Amateur IKF of Arizona State Title. It is super welterweight, from 147.1 to 153 and it will be four two-minute rounds.

Adam Hines (12-14), 16 years old and 150 pounds, from Camp Verde and Golden Cobra will face Alex Garza (4-2 kickboxing, 0-1 boxing), who is also 16 years old 150 pounds and is from 2 Knuckle Sports in Surprise.

Hines, who is a member of the Yavapai-Apache Nation and goes to Mingus Union, stepped up to fill in after a cancellation from New Mexico.

“It just feels amazing,” promoter Richard Williams said. “This week I lost about three fights, trying to figure out what’s going to happen and when I was coming home from Cottonwood I just go ‘man, right here in my own backyard’ and I didn’t think of it earlier, we were trying to find this main event fight.”

Hines said it’s really cool to be fighting again after a layoff of a few months and that training has gone really well so far. His trainer is Victor Romero.

“He hasn’t lost a beat,” Williams said. “I was very impressed with him, he’s gonna do well.”

Hines and Garza will fight under international rules, so no knees, clinching or elbows. But it is full contact so they can kick inside calf, outside calf, inside thigh, outside thigh, kick to the ribs, kick to the head and they can do Superman and back spinning fist.

Tickets are $10 for kids, $20 for general admission and $30 for ringside.

IKF Arizona State Representative said getting the IKF set up in Arizona and getting the event together has been the biggest headache of her life but thinks it will be a great night.

“I think it’s gonna be an amazing effect,” Olding said. “You got some big venues out here who don’t want to do anything, I really don’t want to mention their names, but they don’t want to do anything to bring any money to the town nor their venues and we’re bringing all this to the small towns and small venues and it’s just gonna take off.”

With contingents expected to be coming from Flagstaff and Phoenix too, Williams anticipates the event will be packed.

“We should have a pretty good crowd,” Williams said.

8 Limbs MuayBoran Sunnyside Boxing in Flagstaff will be sending three fighters, a 12 year old and a 14 year old and 21 year old Caddo Nahee Laban, the first Hopi fighter to compete in a full contact sport.

Laban is from the Sand clan from Tewa Hopi Village. He is an NAU student and went to Flagstaff High.

“He had to get his feet wet somehow,” 8 Limbs supervisor Pascal James said. “He’s excited, it’s his first fight, his family’s excited, the tribe’s excited. He’s got a lot of people backing him on this.”

Laban has studied Jujitsu, Akido, Judo, Taekwondo, Wing Chung, Muay Thai, Muayboran and boxing.

“He’s done quite a few martial arts,” James said. “He’s excited to do this because he wants to see how he’s gonna do and then his next step is to do a boxing match and then his next step is to do some jujitsu and go to some Akido/Judo tournaments and then eventually do MMA if it works out for him.”

He comes from a family that is very experienced in martial arts.

“Well I think he’s going to set a precedence to this I think it will open up the door,” James said. “His sister has a Taekwondo school on the Hope rez, so does his dad. His dad has gyms all over Northern Arizona. His dad is one of our students.”

The 8 Limbs coaches are all volunteers with the students’ fees going to veterans, seniors, homeless and single parents.

The fighters from Arizona include some Keith’s Kickboxing in Camp Verde, two teams from Flagstaff, a couple gyms from Phoenix and 2 Knuckle Sports.

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