Mon, Feb. 24

Letter: Verde Connect’s dependence on Middle Verde Road unacceptable


I have attended many recent meetings regarding Verde Connect, the county’s proposed road bridge/road connector project. The Town Council meeting on June 19th was a fine example of civility and respect shown by the mayor and council toward the citizens and the county’s representatives.

It was a pleasure to witness people having very differing views and everyone being heard.

I, like many are not in favor of what Verde Connect is proposing. This project has to have a connector road from the bridge on the Verde River to Middle Verde Road. It is the main requirement of the bridge grant from the Federal Government. This grant was originally given because the bridge and connector road were going to be on the Yavapai Apache Nation land. The Nation does not want it on their land.

So now the county is trying to put it somewhere so that the bridge can be built. The bridge is the reason for future roads to be built in the area between Hwy. 260 and Cornville Road.

Putting a connector road to Middle Verde Road simply to get a bridge is not justifiable. It is a manipulation of taxpayer money,

Where are the people who are for this project? In all the meetings I have attended,not one of them has come forward. I have a feeling that they are the developers hiding in the shadows behind this whole proposed project.

Again, it is a wonderful experience to be a part of the democratic process. I am proud of our flag each time we salute it at a meeting ... “with liberty and justice for all.”

Denise Gould

Camp Verde

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