Fri, Jan. 17

Letter: ‘We The People’ must continue to be proactive in development of Verde Valley


A debt of gratitude is owed to Camp Verde Town Council for their actions on June 19th in opposition to the proposed Verde Connect project. That gratitude is owed from not only the residents of the Middle Verde neighborhood but by all of the residents of Yavapai county, elected officials included.

Many mistakes have been made throughout the Verde Connect process by both those for and against the project. The opposition by both the towns of Jerome and Camp Verde will help us all to right these wrongs.

Yavapai County was wrong to attempt to force a road on a neighborhood that didn’t want it in order to save a grant they didn’t deserve.

Some in the opposition were wrong for producing propaganda and spreading false information for the purpose of fear mongering. All in the opposition were wrong for not being involved with their local government to encourage intelligent planning for our future.

I was wrong for being aware of the proposed road connection since 2007 and not being concerned, naively thinking it was a low-priority project that wouldn’t be built in my lifetime. It’s not enough to vote for the candidates you believe in and then blindly hope they uphold your values.

The actions of Camp Verde and Jerome are an important first step to aid us all in doing better. Now, perhaps other municipalities will follow Camp Verde’s example. If a connector road from Highway 260 to Cornville Road is as important as the county wants us to believe, then that should be the focus – but make no mistake, that road isn’t Verde Connect.

Verde Connect is simply a rouse to build a bridge, to disrupt a neighborhood, and to have the option to build a road in the distant future. All this while a rural neighborhood becomes the connector no one wanted.

It is now the responsibility of all of us to go to and tell those involved NO BUILD before June 30th, 2019.

The sooner we get back on track with a focus on projects that will have the kind of positive impact the Verde Valley deserves the better off all will be.

It is my hope that supervisors Garrison and Thurman would remain in their rolls now and in the future, supported by a strong team in Yavapai County Public Works and Jacob’s Engineering, with a better understanding of what they need to do as public servants.

And that “We The People” continue to be proactive in the development of the Verde Valley, not only for now, but for the future.

Zach Wolfe


Camp Verde

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