Sat, Nov. 16

Letter: Verde Connect a classic case of NIMBYism


All the opinions seen on Verde Connect seem to be from Camp Verde residents. How about an opinion from a Cornvillian?

Lets start by recapping their concerns. It’s degrading to their rural quality of life. It will negatively inpact them financially. It’s a road to no where and, best of all, let’s just widen Cornville Road.

As to the first point, did you hear any outcry from Cornvillans when Beaver Head Flat was paved. No, you did not, even though it impacted OUR rural quality of life. We recognized it was for the greater good.

As to the second point. Does anyone believe the connect will actually impact a businness in Camp Verde?

The vast majority that would use this new road are not going to Camp Verde to begin with. Those that were headed that way will still go, possibly via the Connect.

As to the last point, let's just widen Cornville Road. My neighbors in Camp Verde want to retain their rural lifestyle but do not give a flip about mine. Let’s just add more through traffic in Cornville. That’s the epitomy of a NIMBY, not in my back yard.

I say, get over yourselves and look to the future which is what I believe our county officials are doing.

More people are coming because they want what we have, a great place to live. There’s a higher goal here and it’s not just about you.

Mike Meehan


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