Sat, Nov. 16

Letter: Verde Connect is not a solution, it’s an agenda


“We the people” have been asked to make an informed decision and to give our opinions on the proposed Verde Connect project.

This all sound great in theory and it is the way that a government for the people by the people should operate.

The fatal flaw with this is when the people are purposefully not given the facts to make an informed decision.

Throughout the public scoping period of Verde Connect information has been intentionally withheld to sway public opinion. The facts of the BUILD grant. The fact that Middle Verde road is the Verde Connect and no other road can be built including 260 to Cornville without it.

The fact that this road never had public support as seen by the fact that Jerome, Camp Verde and most recently the Beaver Creek communities have publicly come out against it.

Yavapai county intentionally withheld the traffic data needed for the public to make an informed decision on routes until June 24th.

Six days before the scoping period ends and long after most have given their input the truth is revealed.

According to Yavapai county’s own traffic data ( we now see that Verde Connect will have little or no positive impact on Verde Valley traffic. The problems that exist in 2019 are projected to be the same problems we’ll have in 2025 and in 2045.

The only difference being that after Verde Connect is built we will have increased taxes, wasted millions in taxpayer dollars and won’t have the funds available to fix the problems that we needed to address in 2019 without more taxes.

NO BUILD is the correct option for all residents of Yavapai county. Verde Connect is not a solution, it’s an agenda.

County supervisors are elected to represent the people. When the people speak and you respond with “this road is being built just deal with it” your not doing your job Mr. Garrison.

Mr. Thurman when you don’t stand up for the people who are getting “a road jammed down their throat” then your failing to do yours as well, sir.

Zach Wolfe

Camp Verde

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