Mon, Oct. 14

Letter: Gosar an embarrassment to District 4, Arizona


“Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.”

These words were uttered to our nation and the world from our District 4 Congressman, Rep. Paul A. Gosar.

Last week during the House of Representative Congressional hearings with public testimony from Michael Cohen, our Congressman, Mr. Gosar, displayed a childish, unprofessional, and unhinged behavior. Yelling at the witness, and the inability to complete his thoughts or sentences were also on display.

This was a embarrassment to the residents of District 4 here in the Verde Valley and beyond. It does not make any difference what political side or non-side you are on, we as voters and residents of District 4, elected Mr. Gosar to be a appropriate and respectful to all people. This is what he is being paid for.

Mr. Gosar, who previously was a practicing dentist, did not display any type of clear thoughts, thought organization, respect for others, or any type of ability to get information from the witness, which, of course, would be meaningful to the voters of District 4.

Mr. Gosar, prior to the most recent election, several of your siblings came forward publicly indicating you were not fit for the position of Congressman in District 4.

After your performance last week at the public hearing, I can only now agree with your family regarding your lack of fitness for office.

Mr. Gosar, for the voters and residents of District 4, please resign immediately.

Eileen Sydow, RN


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