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Poetry and Prose Project presents Rose Moon, Iris Yang, Melanie Lee

Poetry and Prose Project shows are made possible by the Sedona Public Library and Virginia Volkman, and hosted by award winning author Gary Every.

Poetry and Prose Project shows are made possible by the Sedona Public Library and Virginia Volkman, and hosted by award winning author Gary Every.

Originally Published: March 25, 2019 8:13 a.m. Updated as of Monday, March 25, 2019 8:21 AM

Friday, March 29, 5 p.m., at the Sedona Library, the Poetry and Prose Project will resume its 2019 season with a show presenting three local and emerging authors. 

The arrival of spring will showcase three local, emerging authors, Rose Moon, Iris Yang, and Melanie Lee.

Rose Moon is an award-winning artist who paints and writes in the genre of magical realism. She uses her skills as an alchemical hypnotherapist, an Asian Tea Roshi, and her vivid imagination to weave an exciting tale about an art professor’s magical experience of suddenly being kidnapped from her everyday life. She is taken to a perfect dwelling somewhere in the Sonoran Desert, and told to paint whatever she desires. It sounds like something all artists would like, but solitary confinement has a mind of its own. Influenced by Carlos Castaneda, Moon’s main character, Laurence - a woman with a man’s name - is never sure the desert sorcerers she meets actually exist. But her journey into self-exploration takes her to new levels of awareness and into a life she could never have imagined. Moon also paints all of the paintings that Laurence does which can be seen on her website rosemoon.com.

Melanie Lee is an award-winning journalist and the author of “A Year In Sedona ~Meeting The Muse At Wisdom’s Edge.” Growing up in Texas in the 1950s, she dreamed of one day becoming a writer who would write the kind of stories that might inspire others to meet their Muse. During her journalism career, she was a features editor and business columnist, and wrote everything from lifestyle stories, memoir, and book reviews to profiles of entrepreneurs, artists and inventors engaged in the creative pursuit of right livelihood. She was the founder and director of Sojourns Writing Workshops in Santa Fe, New Mexico and at the second half of life, she wrote a book about the experience of moving to Sedona to meet her Muse. She now practices yoga and meditation, paints, hikes, and has begun writing poetry and fiction. She contributes a column, “Meeting The Muse” for Sedona.biz (sedonabiz.com) and her writing workshop about writing with the Muse will be offered in Sedona next fall.

Iris Yang is an author of two historical novels, Wings of a Flying Tiger and Will of a Tiger. A scientist born and raised in China, she has a passion or creative writing.  After years attending writing workshops at both the Sedona and Cottonwood libraries, Iris achieved every writer’s dream – her novels were accepted for publication. Her books have received glowing reviews and have been featured in a dozen newspapers. Recently Iris was interviewed on NPR’s The State of Things—“She infuses real-life events with her personal family history stories from a very dark period in China’s history.” Check her website for interviews, reviews, and events: irisyang-author.com.

Musical guest for the March Poetry and Prose Project show is Devin Angelet. Devin Angelet’s passion for music radiates from the very core of her being and out into each word she utters and her voice, sultry and saccharine, sends sweet shivers of nostalgia with every wave of her velvet vibrato. Is it any wonder that she placed first in the 2018 Prescott’s Got Talent competition? Miss Angelet has also been a recipient of the National Choral Award as well as the John Phillip Sousa Award for her performances in mallet percussion. Whether performing original songs, covering gems from the century past, directing a choir or teaching music one-on-one, Angelet draws from an eclectic flavor palette, including the spices of jazz, pop, funk and beyond. Most importantly, she comes with love and faith in the power of music as the great unifying force that binds our very universe together.

Poetry and Prose Project is delighted to announce their upcoming 2019 season beginning with a celebration of the spring by presenting three local blossoming authors.  Poetry and Prose Project shows are always at the Sedona Public Library on the last Fridays of the month and the 2019 season threatens to be one of the best yet.  April will be a classic poetry show when actors and authors will read poems by classic authors. 

May will feature two Flagstaff authors who were both finalists for this year’s Voila Awards Nicole Walker and eventual winner Jesse Sensibar.  June will feature a slideshow by Arizona Highways author and photographer Larry Lindahl.  In July, Poetry and Prose Project will feature award winning poets Marilee Richards and Christopher Fox Graham.  Poetry and Prose Project shows are made possible by the Sedona Public Library and Virginia Volkman, sound tech Gary Scott and are hosted by award winning author Gary Every.