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Spectacular magic show to close out 3rd annual Sedona Wolf Week

John Shryock’s magic has dazzled audiences in over 100 cities across three continents.

John Shryock’s magic has dazzled audiences in over 100 cities across three continents.

Originally Published: March 25, 2019 7:44 a.m.

Magic is in the air. The organizers of Sedona Wolf Week announced that two award-winning magicians, Steve Wastell and John Shryock, will perform Saturday, March 30, 7-9:30 p.m., Poco Diablo Resort, 1752 State Route 179, during the closing night dinner.

The audience will be amazed, intrigued and thoroughly entertained all while raising money that will directly go to provide transport, rescue, and lifesaving medical care to wolves, wolfdogs, sanctuaries, rescues and other wolf supporting organizations

Back for its third year, March 25-30, SWW is a joint project of Plan B to Save Wolves and Apex Protection Project. Sedona Wolf Week’s mission is to change the way people view wolves and to affect how the government develops policies regarding wolves while creating respect and protections for this essential apex predator.

A true magician doesn’t merely “do tricks.” A true magician connects with their audience and takes them to a place of wonder. Steve Wastell, a regular performer and medal winner at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, is a true magician.

Actor Vernon G Wells, best known for films like Mad Max: Road Warrior and Commando, says of Wastell “Steve is a master magician and a great entertainer.”

Definitely not your typical magic show, you won’t be seeing the classic rabbits, ropes, or rings. Wastell will take your event to the next level with a performance that is current, edgy, and fun -- think David Blaine or Criss Angel with a sense of humor.

John Shryock’s magical performances has dazzled audiences in over 100 cities across three continents. Shryock and Mari Lynn are regularly featured on television and in the top casinos, night clubs, cruise ships, conventions, and resorts across the globe. Audiences worldwide have enjoyed his energetic personality, captivating “sleight of hand,” and spellbinding illusions. His impressive skills earned a command performance at President George W. Bush’s Gala Inaugural Ball and numerous appearances on the nationally broadcast television series, “Masters of Illusion.”

John is also a favorite performer at Caesars Magical Empire at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and is one of the few magicians in the world well versed enough to have performed in all three showrooms at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. Shryock is the 1992 winner of “The Battle of the Magicians” and is the author of a book on magic, entitled Sleightly Tricky. When John is not performing on the world’s stages or creating innovative magic, he tours as a guest lecturer for various magicians’ societies.

John Shryock and Mari Lynn masterfully incorporate skillful magic and grand illusion with drama, dance, and comedy and create for their audiences a mystical world of laughter, wonder, and amazement. John and Mari Lynn’s high-energy, charismatic stage personalities are infectious, and the audience experiences this almost as if they were performing the magic themselves. They leave exhilarated and completely entertained.

Seating for this benefit performance dinner show is extremely limited, and it is expected to sell out. To purchase tickets, find out more information or for a full schedule of events or to get tickets, please visit www.SedonaWolf week.org or call (559) 425-6191.