Sat, Sept. 21

Editorial: Stringer’s departure from State House welcome relief

It was only a matter of time.

When the political dominoes began falling in the political career of David Stringer, you just knew this was not going to end well for the Prescott Republican.

Twice he was rebuked for making racially charged comments in public gatherings. A Phoenix newspaper uncovered a previously undisclosed 1983 arrest on charges that included child pornography.

Through it all, Stringer was his own worst enemy, thinking he could bob and weave his way through his political entanglements. It is well-documented how his own hometown newspaper, The Daily Courier in Prescott, afforded him numerous opportunities to tell his side of the story in response to the various problems the now-former Arizona House representative created for himself.

He refused those offers, instead claiming his problems were the result of a ‘Democrat hit piece.’

Along the way, Stringer was ostracized from committee work in the House of Representatives. Everyone from the governor to the Prescott City Council called on him to resign. He was banned from making appearances in public schools in his own legislative district. He had been rendered politically impotent, yet he refused to step down from his post.

He was his own worst enemy.

In the end, Stringer resigned about an hour before he was instructed to provide the House Ethics Committee with documents relating to his 1983 arrest. There was nowhere left for him to bob and weave.

Now that he is gone, the emphasis shifts from Stringer and the chaos he brought to the political process to what’s next. Considering what we’ve been through, that will be a breath of fresh air.

Now, Republican precinct committeemen in Yavapai County will nominate three people to replace Stringer. The Yavapai County Board of Supervisors will select from those nominees the person to replace Stringer in the Arizona House of Representatives.

That should be finalized “in the next week or so,” according to District 3 Yavapai County Supervisor Randy Garrison.

A new chapter.

A fresh start.

A welcome change.

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