Fri, Jan. 24

Letter: Oak Creek Mountain Bike Club provides welcome recreation


The Mountain Bike Club at Oak Creek School is an awesome program. I have two children who participate in the club and both absolutely love it.

My son, who is in sixth grade only seemed interested in playing video games in his spare time.

Now he looks forward to the rides every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. My children are learning how to ride trails safely and responsibly.

This club was put together by a very passionate group of local bicycle riders who have a desire to get children outside riding bicycles again.

All the bikes, helmets and other equipment needed to ride are provided by donations to a non-profit group called Bikes for Kids. There are no costs for the children to join or ride and no costs for the school.

I know this program is offered at other schools in the Verde Valley.

Parents please encourage your children to join this club.

I want to thank all the people involved:

Rich Leever founder of the non profit Bikes for kids. Bikes for kids purchases all the bikes and helmets needed for the clubs.

Kevin Adams who does the fund raising.

Verde Valley Cyclist Coalition for all the volunteer coaches.

Verde Valley Bicycle Company who provides all the bikes at cost and maintains them for free.

And the many private donors who fund this awesome program.

Josh Taylor


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