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Give mom a lasting legacy this Mother’s Day

Cornerstones of Freedom a Bronze Relief Sculpture Allegory by James Muir Bronze Allegorical Sculptor-Artis

Cornerstones of Freedom a Bronze Relief Sculpture Allegory by James Muir Bronze Allegorical Sculptor-Artis

Originally Published: May 7, 2019 12:35 p.m.

Flowers are beautiful and fragrant but they last a week at most. Candy is delicious but is soon forgotten. Why not give your Mom or any other women who has made a difference in your life a lasting legacy by having her name engraved on the new granite wall in the Jack Jamesen Memorial Sculpture Park?

The park is located adjacent the Bank of America in West Sedona. It was created in the mid 1990s as a pocket park, also known as a pedestrian park in the heart of West Sedona.

Landscape architect Dick Hubble drew up the plans with room for seven major sculpture installations. A Bas Relief of Jack Jamesen by Leslie B DeMille and an inspiring Native American piece “Invocation” by John M. Soderberg, Ph.D., were installed prior to the Friends of Jack Jamesen, 501 c-3 organization forming.

“Cornerstones of Freedom” by James N. Muir was purchased to mark the Honoring Women section of the park. The group has received and installed two sculptures that were generously donated to the park, a “Military K-9” by Lena Toritch, and a modern art piece “And the Spirit Soared” by the late Skip Fox, donated by his widow Elaine Fox.

These pieces were placed in new spaces not indicated on the original plans. Additionally, the non-profit organization purchased two sculptures, “Sedona” by sculptor Susan Kliewer, and “Athena’s Prayer” by James N. Muir.

Fund raising efforts have included a show by the Dynamite Divas, a Cantina Night at the Elks Club, a WWII Radio Christmas Show as well as auctions, raffles and donations. There’s still room for four more sculptures in the park.

There are currently nearly 200 women’s names on the walls. When the final wall is complete with names a book will be created to share a bit of the story of each woman’s life. Proceeds will contribute to park maintenance.

There are walls honoring women who served in the military in other locations around the country and a few that are in honor of women who made a difference in a specific community or state.

The walls in Jack Jamesen Memorial Sculpture Park are there to honor all women. Women serve their families, communities and our world in many ways, and the committee feels that all women deserve to be honored by their loved ones.

Imagine the reaction of a special woman in your life when she sees her name on the wall for posterity as a gift from you! Several memorial services have been held in the park and many have placed the name of a departed loved one on the wall as a lasting tribute to her and her family.

For the application and further details please go to the website: JamesenMemorialPark.org/About or pick up a paper application at the office of Sefton Engineering Consultants at 20 Stutz Bearcat Drive in West Sedona. Or you may call 928-282-4549, Ext. 13.