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Jerome rolls out carpet for 54th annual Historic Home and Building Tour

The Teacher’s House continually occupied by teachers. Photo by Michael Thompson

The Teacher’s House continually occupied by teachers. Photo by Michael Thompson

Originally Published: May 13, 2019 11:17 a.m.

The Jerome Chamber of Commerce is preparing its yearly exploration of the back streets of this historic mining town with the 54th annual Home and Building Tour.

Save the dates of May 18 - 19, for a look at some totally renovated gems in the mile-high town. Guests will be driven by shuttle on some very interesting Jerome winding roads that most people have never even noticed.

This year’s tour will include The Radio House, originally owned by Gussie and Harry Mader and built in 1919. The Maders were ham radio operators and there are artifacts from this hobby imbedded in the walls of this charming miners shack.

Visitors are in for a special look back in time to life in the mining town and the simple architecture and lifestyle of Jerome. There will be a 600’ walk down a private road to get to the home so come prepared with comfortable walking shoes.

The tour continues to The Reber House, built by a mining executive for his bride in 1917 and now completely renovated by a couple from California.

Most of the masterful work was done by the man of the house who is a skilled craftsman and was born in Jerome. Continuing to The Teacher’s House, this 1928 home has been continually occupied by teachers. It was selected for the HG TV Show Boomtown Builder and is beautifully updated and reworked to fit the lifestyle of the 21st century.

Continuing down the hill to a garden section of town, the Gutierrez House has just had a major change and now has a second story master suite, some quirky surprises and a fabulous garden.

For a modern look at Jerome, the Kinsella Home will be on tour for the second time in ten years, now reworked into the ultimate mancave but with the original spectacular million-dollar views.

The tour is completed at the sub-basement of The Sullivan Hotel for a look at an amazing piece of history. the 1915 Boiler which was state of the art at the time.

Park out at the 300 level and a bus will bring you to town to Spook Hall. The Tour starts with ticket sales at this original JC Penney on Hull Avenue.

Adults will pay $25 and $10 for kids. Free for children under 3. There will be lots of steps and walking so come prepared for an adventure.

First Tour starts at 9 a.m. and the last tickets of the day are sold at 3 p.m. Leave yourself 2-4 hours for this event. Participants will take a van ride to most locations with a few within walking distance of each other. The tour is not handicapped accessible.

Visit jeromechamber.com for advance tickets sales or email info@jeromechamber.com for more information.