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Letter: I’m a true Republican but we must look at the facts


I’ve been a hard core Republican my entire life but I can’t hold back anymore and I must speak my truth. First; I will never vote for a Democrat, but I gave Trump more than a chance. Can’t I be a hard core Republican and question what’s happening with Trump?

When Trump didn’t release his taxes it did not bother me, as long as America, the economy and (I hate to say it) my bottom line were all doing OK I didn’t care and trusted Trump.

But when the tax cuts came and I did NOT receive a tax break, not only did I NOT get a break, I had to pay more. That didn’t bother me until I found out that all my friends (except for my very rich friends) had to pay more. But my friend who makes $900,000 a year got a $80,000 tax break, which he said he didn’t even need. With our huge debt, I can see where this is going,

Not only I’m I for less debt, I’m for several hard core issues like free trade and smaller government, which is not happening. Mark my words; “In time, debt and tariffs will destroy our economy,”

I’ll always be a hard core Republican but ... First of all, I’m sick of explaining to my kids all the misleading things Trump states. For one example; China DOES NOT paid for the tariffs BUT we do, (We are paying for the Wall and WE are paying for the tariffs. I don’t want my kids to believe otherwise) I tell my children, “Look at the tariffs just like a tax on us”.

When America puts a tariff (TAX) of 25% it simply increases the price to the American businesses that buy these goods as they come in from China and the American businesses simply pass this 25% extra cost to the American buyers (or they would lose money and go out of business) And I haven’t even talked about how China turns around and TAXES (tariffs) everything coming in from the US. So than we become non-competitive with our goods because they are now overpriced and China just simply buys from other countries (All the USA farm products China use to buy from the USA are now just being bought from other countries. AND I love our farmers,).

How many times can our tax dollars give our farmers billions of dollars in bail outs? They don’t want bail outs, they just want to work, I thought bail outs were wrong? Aren’t bail outs a form of socialism? These bail outs don’t come from the government but from our tax dollars that could go to a better place, China has completely stopped buying many farm foods in retaliation and being overpriced, AND once these trade connections are lost, it will be next to impossible to re-establish them. This is why the mass majority of congress (EXCEPT Trump) HATE TARIFFS AND AGAIN I thought FREE TRADE was a back bone of being a REP,

And now the reports that Trump lost over a billion in a decade, Trump states it’s all true, He states it was all just tax loop holes etc. but I just can’t believe it’s was “tax loop” holes etc. because right after that terrible decade Trump declared bankruptcy, So was that his plan? I think he ended up declaring bankruptcy 4 times, And besides, I do NOT want my children believing tax loop holes and bankruptcies are the way to get a head. I believe our country is headed is the same direction, bankruptcy, And now war looms?,

Power to the people, power to America and power the Republicans but no more to Trump, History has shown us over & over & over that the ultra-rich only have one motive ... and it’s never for the common man. I’ve worked too hard raising my kids I better than this. Again, I’ll never vote for a Democrat but I can no longer back Trump. I know many will not believe my thoughts and that’s fine.

Walter Cobler Jr.

Camp Verde

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