Sun, Sept. 22

Letter: What happened to concept of voting for best person regardless of party


I want to thank Mr. Walter Cobler Jr. for a very heart-felt letter. I feel his dilemma. He has identified a few very important issues with the current administration, and I agree with his assessment. I have some questions for him, however.

Why do you paint yourself into a corner by saying that you will not vote Dem and you cannot vote for Trump? Why do you maintain your hard-core Rep membership in a party that allows the Trump Administration to do all of the things they do that you detest?

Trump may have pushed for the tax break for the wealthy but your GOP party went along with it. They are not innocent of the blame that you are placing on the Trump Administration for tax rebates, tariffs, and the Mexican wall.

I am no longer a Dem nor a Rep, even though in the past I have voted for someone on each ticket. Both parties have had decent presidents and both parties have had undesirables in office. Both parties need to have a major re-construction. Why do you feel the GOP is blameless on the above issues and the fault lays totally at the feet of Mr. Trump?

Both parties are allowing themselves to be bullied, and run over by a powerful person. They should stand up to the current Administration and take control back and put it where it belongs, in the Legislative, Judicial, and the Administrative equally with oversight done by all. That was the American structure.

What happened to the concept of voting for the best person for the job regardless of their party, as long as they will vote their conscience and not party line, which both have been doing for a decade or more? It is time to vote reform in Washington DC., status quo just is not working anymore.

We need more people from both sides of the aisle, like Mr. Walter Cobler Jr. to question the legality, morality, and appropriateness of any administration, Senate, and Congress.

Jim Allmann


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