Mon, Nov. 18

Letter: We have gone from a free people to a conquered people


“The American Republic, especially after the Constitution of 1787 was ratified, was a federal union. Thus a national criminal system was piled on top of the state systems. To be sure, the states -- then and now -- had the lion’s share of the crime and punishment business.

The federal government was a bit player, a spear carrier in the drama of criminal justice. The state courts were the exclusive venue for ordinary offenses, ordinary cases; federal courts handled only special, “federal,” crimes. Criminal justice in the territories and the District of Columbia were also federal, of course.” - Friedman, Lawrence. Crime and Punishment in American History, The Federal Framework.

If an alien were to visit our country right now they would think that the Federal government is not only superior to the states, but it might also appear to be a deity worshiped by idolaters I call state worshipers.

For the majority of American history the federal government was small, limited, and very much in the background. The most important governments were the local governments: towns, cities, counties. It was the locale that demanded allegiance, the average American gave the federal government very little thought.

The concept of ‘society” did not even exist yet, and I would argue does not exist even now.

Fast forward to today. We have gone from a free people to a conquered people, and our own federal government is the conqueror.

Universities play their part in promoting an ideology that undermines local links and promotes a near universal citizenship that does not even exist in reality.

They strongly encourage students to attend multiple universities, much like ancient conquerors would strive to severe any connection a people had with their own history and place. I was criticized by professors for using the folksy “y’all.” I still use it.

While I honor our troops, vets, cops, teachers, I do not honor the governments that misuse these professions for their own evil greedy purposes. It’s time for the People to bring our governments back into submission to us, we’re the dog and they are the tail, not the other way around.

The majority of our once free people has now become pathetic subservient state worshipers. These sheep could never imagine criticizing their own government let alone defying it. It is the holy god they worship, along with capitalism, and they expect you to belong their crazy cult too. If you refuse membership they will speak ill of you and stare you down.

It takes a lot of courage to stand up to anyone, but most especially governments. Let’s return to a constitutional order, because anything else is just not legitimate.

Matthew Holmes


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