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Americana Roots Music with Slant 6 Cowboys Don Whitcher and Peter James

Don Whitcher

Don Whitcher

Originally Published: May 29, 2019 12:26 p.m.

The Old Town Center for the Arts presents a wonderful spring concert with Don Whitcher and Peter James of The Slant 6 Cowboys, celebrating Americana Roots Music on Saturday, June 1, 8 p.m., in Studio B at the Old Town Center for the Arts.

The Slant 6 Cowboys music takes you on an exciting train-ride to places you can only dream of. Voices like cool clear water; guitar playing that smokes and drives a coal burning rhythm and songwriting that could make an outlaw cry. The Slant 6 Cowboys are adept at many facets of Americana music, whether he is evoking the haunting echoes of a Mississippi night on slide or the biting edge of a Texas thunder storm on steel guitar. They paint music like the plaintive cries of old ghosts sweeping down from North Dakota into a Southwestern monsoon.

Don Whitcher is a singer-songwriter who cultivates unique rhythm textures with the deep lyrics of a well-traveled drifter. This is true American Music. Especially with Peter James on Lead and rhythm guitar to light the way, like a spaghetti Western sountrtrack.

Don Whitcher & Peter James were signed to 95 North Records, and in 2004 charted in the top ten of the Americana and Roots country charts with there Band the “Slant 6 Cowboys”. Don has been compared to Dave Alvin Steve Earle, and Johnny Cash all rolled into one.

At 16 years old, Don packed up an old guitar and drifted across the country, working more odd jobs than he can count, and writing stories he put to song. From God-fearing men to sinners and back again; with skills honed to a sharp edge, and songs that will blow the top off a side show stage. This is some great music and definitely well worth seeing.

Check out their Facebook page at: Don Whitcher/Slant 6 Cowboys        

If you have heard Don Whitcher then you know how versatile he is, and if you have not, then you are in for a treat. Come enjoy an evening of music and stories with Don Whitcher and Peter James in Studio B on Saturday, June 1st at 8 p.m.

Old Town Center for the Arts is located at 5th Street & Main in Old Town Cottonwood. Admission for Don Whitcher and Peter James are $15 at the door (cash or check only).

For upcoming events, visit www.oldtowncenter.org.

For further information, contact Elena Bullard at 928-634-0940.