Fri, Jan. 17

Letter: Thanks for police help


I am embarrassed to say that recently, I put my cell phone on the roof of my car, forgot it, and drove onto the 17 freeway.

Of course, it flew off!

Our son has a phone finder on his phone, and he told me where it was. My husband and I looked, bu did not find it.

Here is where the point of the letter starts: Officer Lori Carver came along, stopped, and told us we were not safe along the freeway.

I told her my problem. She took a report, gave me her card and said she would look for it. As we drove away, she was looking for the phone herself. Oh, how I appreciated that!

Several days later, our son sent a picture from his smart phone of where my phone was located. I went to the Yavapai Apache Nation Tribal Police Department and found Officer Carver.

She was just finishing her day. She said if I waited until she changed, we could look in the new location. You bet!

She came out, and Detective Van Ausdal offered to help. We caraveaned to the spot, got out, and looked. Sgt. Presmyk stopped and joined the search.

Those people spent half an hour looking for that phone (Two of them were not even on duty).

I was amazed at their kind, caring, helpful, thorough attitudes! How blessed we are to have police people of that caliber!

I would not want to cross any of them. They were strong, alert, capable, and carried themselves with authority. I respected them very much.

This experience was a lesson in appreciation for the men and women who serve us in our police department. Thanks so much for your excellent service. You made me feel safe and cared for.

Shari Witt, Cottonwood

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