Around the Bluhmin' Town: Quilty seeks same freedom all ‘Americats’ crave

Judy Bluhm

Judy Bluhm

Freedom. What we all want.

The ability to live freely, go where we want to, speak our minds, not be oppressed and be able to engage in the pursuit of happiness.

This is the fabric of our democracy that we will fight and die to maintain. Freedom is something that once experienced, we want to liberate others so they can experience it too.

Oh, Quilty, we know exactly how you feel. The rogue cat who resided in an Animal Shelter in Houston, became an internet sensation when he went around setting all the other shelter cats free from their cages every night. He even let a few doggies out to join the fun.

Finally, the staff of the shelter had to set up video surveillance to see what was going on.

They were tired of having to catch fifteen cats and a few dogs every morning that were running free!

Finally, they had to put Quilty in solitary confinement and lock the door.

Not exactly the punishment this freedom-lover deserved!

He was only trying to give the other animals the exhilarating experience of no constraints or barriers.

Go walk, run, jump, play, rest and do as you please!

“Free Quilty,” has become the battle cry for freedom seekers all over the world: He finally did get adopted.

I had a horse named Angel who was also against confinement of any kind. It took me a long time to figure out how every one of my horses were getting out of their stalls.

One night, I put on night vision goggles and saw her nudging the latch open on her stall and then doing the same for the other horses.

One eventful day, I heard the distinct sound of thundering hoofs galloping up my country road.

No idea where they were going, just glad to be free

After the roundup, I learned about locks.

There is a 22-year-old white Arabian horse in Germany named Jenny who also likes her freedom.

For the past 14 years Jenny makes the long walk alone into Frankfurt and strolls the streets, visiting shop keepers, stopping by the train station and pausing for pictures and treats.

She has a note attached to her haler that reads, “My name is Jenny. I am not lost. I am friendly.”

Jenny will not be restrained in a barn! Life is too short to hold Jenny back.

So she walks twenty miles a day to be free.

The Pilgrims made a harrowing journey from England, then to Holland, and sailed across the ocean to far-a-away land.

Propelled by the desire to have religious freedom, they also wanted a better life for their children and more economic opportunities.

They dreamed of a free land with few restraints and made the journey with hope and courage.

This Thanksgiving, we are grateful for our family, friends and country. We honor our veterans who have made it all possible. We are thankful to the spirited Pilgrims who made the harrowing journey across the Atlantic to start a new life. And we applaud every living creature who unlocks the gate to live and walk free.

Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local realtor. Have a story or a comment? Email Judy at

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