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Harley Davidson, Toucan Eddie at Old Corral Bar

Toucan Eddie

Toucan Eddie

Originally Published: November 29, 2019 2:16 p.m.

Among the Verde Valley’s favorite local watering holes and center of Cornville’s social scene, the Old Corral Bar offers a great lineup of fun for almost any taste.

From a casual afternoon chat with friends to a top-notch live music dance and show, Old Corral delivers.

There is a lot to like during the starting with Monday at 5 p.m., with the weekly poker tournament. Tuesday brings another tournament, this time in the realm of pool. Wednesday there’s more pool, this time with league competition. After a summer break, Sunday pool tournaments have resumed.

Known for its weekly Saturday live music scene, there’s an additional night of entertainment this week. Dec. 6 features the return appearance by solo musician and humorist Harley Davidson. Just as the motorcycle owns a copyright on the sound of it running engine, this Harley has his own corner on music and banter. Traveling from Phoenix, Harley has his own Verde Valley following as well. Come in and join the fun.

Saturday night is dance time at the Old Corral when longtime Verde Valley favorites Toucan Eddie takes the stage. Classic rock is the genre, but the evening is packed with Latin, funk and a good dose of disco to keep the dance floor full.

Bert Campbell has fronted the band since 1975 and is joined by guitar master Dale Caddell, bassist John Sarson, and Dave Russel on sax and flute. On percussion is Joey Rivera, who is not just one of the finest drummers around but also an outstanding vocalist.

The Old Corral, 11375 E. Cornville Road in Cornville is open from 9 a.m. daily.