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Zenprov performs ‘Merry Elfin’ Christmas!’ at Fisher Theater

Originally Published: November 29, 2019 4:27 p.m.

Giggle away those holiday blues with Zenprov Comedy’s completely improvised show “Merry Elfin’ Christmas!” at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 7 at the Mary D. Fisher Theater, 2030 SR 89A in Sedona.

The Zenprov troupe will perform a sleigh full of new games, including “Isle of Misfit Toys,” where the actors take on characteristic of a neurotic toys coping with low self-esteem on their journey for self-love and acceptance.

For more than decade now, Zenprov Comedy has tapped into the rich source material that comes from living in a community steeped in spiritual seeking, UFOs, vortexes, self-help gurus, psychics, radical vegans and endless roundabouts.

While Zenprov Comedy’s may start in the woo-woo culture of Sedona, their otherworldly performances are grounded in the fundamentals of rock-solid improv work, inventive satire, and their constant search for big truths hidden within the great Cosmic Giggle.

If you’ve never been to one of their live performances before, Zenprov Comedy is similar to the popular improvised TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

The troupe performs a mix of fast-paced improvised scenes created in the moment based on audience suggestions as well as Chicago-style long form improv, where scenes and characters interconnect with each other. Unlike sketch or standup comedy, nothing is scripted or prepared ahead of time, so it’s never the same show twice.

Zenprov Comedy embraces the Del Close method of improv acting, which emphasizes the “group mind” that mysteriously develops during a performance. Miraculously, the player’s minds fuse together to create a super mind where they practically finish each other’s sentences.

The super minds of Zenprov Comedy are Derek Dujardin, Shaeri Richards, Tom Shoemaker, Shaunn Cochran, Chris Redish, Betty Testa, Linda Roemer and Mary Carder.

Tickets are $12 pre-sale, $15 the day of the show. This one-night-only performance can sell out, so purchase tickets early. Order tickets online at zenprovcomedy.com, or at the Mary Fisher Theater box office.

Shows are rated PG-13 and run approximately 90 minutes.